6 Times Blue Ivy Carter Stole The Show

Blue Ivy Carter has been loved and adored by everyone from the moment she was born. She was always a cute little girl, but she seems to be growing up into a proper little star in her own right. Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t really take her everyone with them and she doesn’t get to attend all the glamorous evens her parents do, but oh my, when she gets the opportunity – she steals the spotlight. Let’s take a look at 6 times Blue Ivy Carter stole the show.



1. MTV VMAs 2011
Oh yeah, it started before she was even born. She was just a baby inside Beyonce’s tummy and already, Blue Ivy was the only thing everyone was talking about that year.

2. MTV VMAs 2014
You’re starting to see a pattern here, right? Beyonce performed and at the end Jay-Z brought Blue on stage. Not only did they look adorable as a family, but also this was the moment Blue made everyone’s hearts melt when she said “Good job, mommy”

3. MTV VMAs 2016
So the first 2 VMA’s were adorable for Blue, but her third one – she slayed! She showed up in the $11K dress that was so glamorous even the adults were jealous and walked with so much attitude we were all proud of her. But clearly Beyonce was even prouder of her little daughter.

4. Easter Egg Roll at the White House 2016
Remember that time Beyonce and Blue Ivy showed up at the White House #EasterEggRoll? Easily the cutest costume ever. Blue was the most adorable Easter Bunny you’ve ever seen.

5. CFDA Awards 2016
All we’re going to say is that Blue was elegant, classy and sassy. That girl’s got an attitude and you better not mess with her. That black Milly Mini dress and a white jacket were clearly a power outfit.

6. Grammys 2017
Ok so we all agree Beyonce was incredible at the Grammys this year. But Blue Ivy also did not disappoint. She showed up wearing a bright pink pink, a ruffled shirt and an adorable sequin handbag in an obvious tribute to Prince. Oh Blue, you’re awesome!