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7 Celebrities Who Have Been Banned from Visiting China


You would think that one of the many perks of being a celebrity is the freedom to travel all over the world, right? Well, not exactly. Turns out that the more famous you are, the more chances you get to do or say something incredibly stupid that will get caught on camera or documented in an interview, which in turn can get you banned from visiting certain countries. It’s unfortunate, but it happens, and there’s really nothing you can do about it but apologize and hope that the ban will be lifted. On the other hand China is a strange country. They have a lot of specific laws and they tend to take everything very seriously. You can get banned from China for having certain views and ideas that are perfectly fine in the rest of the world, but are illegal in China. So let’s talk about celebs who were banned from visiting China and why.



1. Miley Cyrus
Miley has done a lot of weird things in her life. Her outfit choices can be quite risqué, her concerts can get quite crazy and her behavior can be pretty outrageous sometimes. But none of those things matter when it comes to visiting China. What got her banned was a picture she took with some friends, in which she’s slanting her eyes. That was received as a sign of ignorance and disrespect by the Chinese foreign minister, he proclaimed that she’s no friend to anyone from China or of East Asian descent and banned her from visiting the country.




2. Selena Gomez
What could Selena possibly do to get banned from China? She took a picture with the Dalai Lama at some point and that picture can be found on the Internet. That, as it turns out, is enough to be banned from visiting China.

3. Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt probably had no idea he’ll get banned from going to China when he agreed to play a role in “Seven Years in Tibet” in 1997. Well, turns out China takes movies and actors very seriously, so he was reportedly banned from China for about 20 years.

4. Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford, on the other hand, wasn’t an innocent bystander who got banned for playing a part in the movie. No, he got banned from China because he is well known for his advocacy for free Tibet, and that’s a big no-no in China.

5. Katy Perry
Katy Perry has been banned from China because of her choice of outfits. You’d expect it to be too revealing or something like that, but no, it’s because at one of her concerts she wore a dress with sunflowers on it, and that turned out to be a symbol of the Sunflower Student Movement that protested the Chinese trade agreement. Another reason is because she wore a Taiwanese flag to her concert in China.

6. Justin Bieber
Justin used to be such a sweet boy. Everyone loved him and thought he was the most talented young singer we’ve ever seen. But then he went through this weird bad boy stage where his behavior was absolutely appalling. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture said that he’s a gifted singer, but in order to maintain order in the Chinese market it’s not suitable to bring over badly behaved entertainers – which is a fancy way of saying he’s banned from China.

7. Bjork
Bjork got banned from China because of her beliefs. At one of her performances in Shanghai she called for Tibetan independence and urged the audience to chant “Tibet! Tibet!”. Quite a bold move considering China’s views on this matter. So it’s no surprise that she got banned, but we don’t think Bjork was unaware of what she was doing.