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7 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life


With an abundance of modern action-packed movies Hollywood keeps on creating at lightning speed, it becomes harder and harder to remember that movies can be so much more than that – with intellectually twisted plot lines, deep philosophical subtext, and imagination that takes you far away from the realm of everyday problems. If you feel like it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, here are 7 inspirational movies that will change your life for good.

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Ashes and Snow
The author of this spectacular documentary, Gregory Colbert, has made it his goal to explore the breathtaking world of nature, animals, and humans, who have built numerous walls and barriers where there were previously none. The fate of animals can’t be separated from the fate of humankind. And the destiny of humankind can’t be separated from that of all nature and Earth itself. This majestic movie is a work of art and a visually stunning allegory of our existence.



Eat, Pray, Love
One day Liz Gilbert woke up and realized she no longer had the taste for life. And for a writer it’s the same as being dead! After a chain of empty relationships and meaningless connections, she decides to shake things up and go somewhere where she can learn to enjoy life once again and re-connect with her inner self. The journey will take her to Italy, India, and Bali, and the answers she finds there would be simple, yet genius: eat, pray, love.


Cloud Atlas
A fascinating exploration of life, death, birth, and re-birth, Cloud Atlas by the Wachowski’s offers a unique perspective on reincarnation and the way all people are connected from before and remain connected far into the future. The principles of cause and effect are intertwined with intricate plot lines that may seem twisted at first, but as the movie goes on more and more details emerge, revealing a story of epic proportions and great beauty.



Although you won’t find a single dialogue in Samsara, this movie is far from silent. Filled with magical sounds of nature and music from all over the world, it shows the images of places near and far, temples hidden deep in the jungle and churches out in the open, stunning natural landscapes and equally staggering accomplishments of modern science and technology. It’s an ode to Life itself that is everything from disastrous zones and industrial complexes to natural wonders and ancient sacred grounds. A movie of truly grand proportions!


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This might very well be the most brain-twisting romantic story ever created. What would happen if a man was born old and then continued living his life backwards? What would it feel like to become younger while everyone else was getting older? Having a truly unique perspective on life in general and love in particular, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button explores human connections from an unusual angle and with a bit of quirky humor. This movie can easily turn your world upside down!


Blueprints for Awakening
John David’s documentary explores the important questions of human beings’ existence. Who am I? What is enlightenment? Do you have a mind? How do you deal with it? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you will find lots of answers in this movie that has interviews with 16 Indian masters of various philosophical schools that seem to know very well what it means to be human and how one should proceed with his life.


Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
Both ancient teachers and modern science agree that the Universe is filled with vibrations. This vibratory field connects us all, being the same energy that lies at the very basis of our existence and is observed by all spiritual seekers from yogis and priests to mystics and saints. Discover the ancient wisdom of Buddha and Aristotle, the metaphysical leitmotif that connects everyone and everything. The creators of Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds offer a journey into the depths of one’s self, while exploring the laws of Nature and Universe itself.