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7 Women Who Dumped Prince Harry Before He Found His Current Fiance


The news about Prince Harry’s engagement have been circulating the media like crazy. Everyone is talking about his fiancé and trying to figure out whether she is in fact the perfect match for him. And while there are some girls are saddened by the news that he’s taken, and they no longer have a chance to become his princess, most of the public is pretty happy for him. After all, Prince Harry’s romantic life has been all over the place. He definitely dated around, but not all of his romantic conquest were successful, some women actually turned him down, can you imagine? Let’s take a look at 7 women who either turned down his advances or dumped him after a couple of dates.



1. Chelsy Davy
Chelsy was Prince Harry’s first and biggest love. They met when they were still kids, he used to call her the love of his life and hoped to marry her. They started dating in 2004 and were on and off until 2011. But while Harry was totally head over heels, Chelsy wasn’t so sure about becoming a part of the royal family. And after she witnessed the scrutiny that Kate Middleton had to go through she decided it’s not for her and dumped the Prince. Plus, Chelsy wasn’t the only one who had doubts about joining the royal family, the Queen wasn’t so sure about her either.




2. Natalie Pinkham
Natalie Pinkham had her 5 minutes of glory when British tabloid The Sun published a picture of her and Prince Harry on a night out in a club. It wasn’t a very serious relationship, but they used to date for a while. In the end it didn’t really work out, because Natalie was a television presenter and already had her share of media attention, adding a relationship with a royal wasn’t exactly a great idea.

3. Caroline Flack
Caroline Flack is another TV presenter that Harry used to date. He really does have a taste for women on TV, doesn’t he? Anyway, Caroline and Harry dated after he and Chelsy broke up. Carolie was used to media attention and wasn’t exactly fazed by famous people, after all, she used to date Harry Styles from One Direction. But with time it became apparent that there’s media attention and paparazzi, and then there’s the crazy pressure of dating a Prince, which became unbearable and they broke up.

4. Mollie King
Mollie King is an English model and singer. She’s probably best known for being a part of the girl band The Saturdays. She and Prince Harry have been seen hanging out together in 2012, mostly in clubs and at various after parties, but they’ve never really been seen out and about together during the day. She later confessed that while she agreed to go on a couple of dates with Harry, she didn’t let it go to far, because dating a Prince was too much for her.

5. Florence Brudenell-Bruce
Florence became Harry’s first serious girlfriend after his breakup with Chelsy. And while this definitely wasn’t a fling, they only dated for one summer and eventually broke up. She actually married a multi millionaire Henry Edward Hugh St George a couple of years later, so dating Harry was really an image booster for her.

6. Cressida Bonas
Cressida is an English model and actress and there used to be some rumors about her and Harry getting engaged, but they were just rumors. They dated for about two years in between 2012 and 2014. She was actually dating him when the scandalous naked pictures of him playing pool in LA surfaced. She forgave the prince because she wasn’t a stranger to wild parties either But in the end they broke up because Cressida wasn’t ready to give up her acting career and party lifestyle for the strict royal protocol of behavior.

7. Emma Watson
Like most men, Prince Harry also fell for the charming Emma Watson. He invited her to a party to test the waters after he heard about her breakup with the rugby player Matthew Janney. Apparently the Prince flirted with her all night in the hopes of asking her out on a date, but she turned him down before they even had a chance to go on a first date.