8 Badass Hipster Disney Princesses By Emmanuel Viola

Even if you’re a diehard Disney fan, you’ve got to admit that some Disney Princesses look a bit too perfect and pristine. We know that Disney is working on making their new princesses more realistic, but some of the very well known Disney Princesses look a bit unrealistic and, dare I say old fashioned? Especially in this modern, hipster day and age, it’s a bit hard to relate to a Disney Princess that wears a ball gown all the time and behaves like such a goody two shoes 24/7.
That’s where Emmanuel Viola comes in. Emmanuel is an artist from Italy. As his bio states, Emmanuel loves mozzarella, his dog Maya and everything Disney. This talented Disney fan got a bit tired of the “good girl” image that Disney Princesses have and took it upon himself to re-envision them as badass hipsters. If you want to see more of his work go here. Take a look at these cool Disney Princesses:



1. Ariel
Forget mermaid tails and seashell bras, it’s all about shorts, over the knee socks and tattoos. Her locks are shorter and more styled, this Ariel probably doesn’t use a fork to rush her hair. She’s clearly got a beauty arsenal, I mean, just look at that eyeliner, it’s on fleek! But she still remembers where she came from, judging by the tattoos of her homies Flounder and Sebastian on her arm.

2. Sleeping Beauty
You might not recognize this princess at first. We’re used to seeing her in all pink, but you’ve got to agree, black suits her much more. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty looks so badass as a tattoo artist, don’t you think? Notice that tattoo of Maleficent? That’s right, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.
3. Belle
Don’t you think it’s a bit weird how Belle looked like such a prim and proper lady, yet she was attracted to, well, essentially an animal? This Gothic Beauty looks much more likely to tame a Beast, doesn’t she?
4. Cinderella
This Cinderella doesn’t look out of place in her glamorous shiny dress. She’s not trying to fit in with the rich crowd, she knows she’s different, she’s above it. She’s rocking her glam as hell look with confidence. This Cinderella shines bright like a diamond, hence the shades.
You now this girl ain’t afraid of anything. Just take one good look at her tiger neck tattoo and that blue ombre hair, multiple face piercings – you know this girl is up for anything. She lives on the edge and is looking for an adventure, that’s for sure.
6. Snow White
This Snow White looks much wiser than her original version,doesn’t she? I mean, who could realistically keep that short bob looking perfect when you live with 7 dwarfs and hand out with animals all the time. Using a bandanna for a cool pin-up look seems much more practical. And the puff sleeves? So last century, am I right? Corsets for the win! Notice the cool version of “poison apple”. Know your poison, right? And if you were ever wondering who her favorite dwarf was – just look at her arm.
7.Tinker Bell
Tinkerbell was always a foxy lady. Look at this gorgeous blonde with multiple ear piercings and a nose ring, doesn’t she look stellar? Don’t you just love her wings? That tattoo with the word ‘dust’ written across the wings – such a clever idea. No longer is Tinkerbell a basic fairy, she’s a rebel!
Elsa, being the new kid on the block, looks amazing. Braided hair – everyone knows that’s the latest trend. Blue stand in her hair – very hip and very suitable for her character. And oh, what’s that I spot? Is that a white ink snowflake tattoo on her arm? Very cool indeed.