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8 Celebs Who Played Pregnant On Screen While They Were Pregnant For Real


When your favorite TV show and movie characters get pregnant – do you ever wonder whether it’s all fake padding or is this for real? Of course, most of us want to suspend the belief that the characters are real and it’s all actually happening, but still. Do you think the way pregnant women are portrayed on TV is realistic? A lot of the time they only tend to gain weight in their tummy and stay slim everywhere else and generally look stunning. I, like most people, usually think it’s all fake and that Hollywood has no interest in showing what really goes on when women get pregnant. It’s not that pretty, it’s never easy, and it’s hard to sell, right? But turns out there’s quite a few actresses who actually were pregnant for real on screen. Let’s take a look at who they are, shall we?



1. Lisa Kudrow
Let’s start with a classic. Remember how in FRIENDS Phoebe got pregnant with triplets? Well that wasn’t actually planned. In fact, Lisa Kudrow announced her pregnancy to the makers of the show and they were pretty surprised. That’s not where they saw the show going. Phoebe as a character wasn’t exactly made for that family life, so instead of changing her course of life they came up with the whole surrogate scenario, because that was just crazy enough for Phoebe. Genius! Now Lisa could be pregnant and not have to hide it. In fact, they made her look more pregnant than she was, because in reality she was only having one kid. So what you saw on the show was an already pregnant Lisa Kudrow, padded out to look twice as pregnant.




2. Alyson Hannigan
Alyson Hannigan was actually pregnant twice during her time on HIMYM, but the first time round it was carefully hidden behind all sorts of props like massive handbags, strategically placed bowling balls, baggy clothes, and one time even disguised as a food baby. All this was done because her character wasn’t ready to become a parent yet, they simply couldn’t write that into the show. The second time round though, her pregnancy was perfectly timed. The show makers were actually thrilled this time round, because by the time Alyson Hannigan announced it, her character Lilly was already pregnant. So they didn’t have to hide it, or fake it. She was just pregnant for real.

3. Rachel Bilson
Rachel’s character on Hart of Dixie was never supposed to be pregnant. In fact, when she announced it to the producers they had to make some very quick rewrites for the show. Let’s be honest, it all came out pretty hurried and hasty, but hey, they did what they had to do. It probably would’ve been even more awkward if they decided to hide it. In real life, Rachel’s pregnancy wasn’t as unexpected at all. She had a lovely son with her longtime partner, in fact, she gave birth on the day her character got married.

4. Hayden Panettiere
Hayden’s pregnancy wasn’t a surprise to her, but she was slightly worried about the implications of it when she announced it to the producers of Nashville. But she didn’t need to worry, the writers of the show thought it was a great opportunity to add something extra to the show. They wrote the pregnancy into the show, and made it quite an eventful one with an impromptu birth right after a baby shower that didn’t go as planned. Hyden’s real pregnancy also wasn’t super easy, in fact she didn’t keep it a secret that she struggled a lot and even suffered from postpartum depression, but thankfully, she’s doing pretty well these days.



5. Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin’s pregnancy story is pretty incredible. She met her partner on the TV show Once Upon A Time, and it made her life almost as magical as the show. So in the most unbelievable way her pregnancy coincided with the producer’s decision to make her character pregnant on the show. So as you can imagine it all worked out really well, it’s almost as if the show imitated her life. In cases like this it’s hard to decide whether life imitates art or the other way round.

6. Lucille Ball
Playing pregnant while being pregnant is hardly new in Hollywood. In fact, one of the first time it happened was all the way back in the early 50’s. Lucille Ball got pregnant, and it got written into the story-line of the famous “I Love Lucy” show. There was just one problem. It was the 50s, and no one talked about anything naughty on screen, and even pregnancy was considered too vulgar to be talked about. You know how Lucy has a husband on the show? Well if you pay attention you’ll see that according to the show they sleep in different beds. So how did they get around her pregnancy? They acknowledged it, but they never even said the word “pregnant” on the show. I know, it’s weird, but it was a different time back then.

7. Julia Roberts
If, for some reason, you haven’t seen Ocean’s Twelve – you’re missing out. This movie had such a meta way of incorporating Julia Roberts’ pregnancy into the script. Instead of making her play herself, they made her play someone else who was pretending to be her and therefore had to fake her baby bump, which was, in fact very real. Yeah, it’s that complicated. Why didn’t they just let her play herself? We may never know.

8. Chelsea Peretti
Chelsea’s pregnancy had her fans worried. Why? Cause around the time it became known that Peretti is pregnant, all we saw on Brooklyn 99 was her character Gina getting hit by a bus. Naturally lots of fans thought that the creators of the show might just kill her off, so they don’t have to find a way around her pregnancy on the show. But thankfully, everyone involved understood how awesome Chelsea is and that killing off her character would be a huge mistake, so instead they just wrote her pregnancy into the show.