8 Cutest Celebrity Mommy-Son Duos

Is there anything cuter than a mother child photoshoots? And as much as we love the photos in which mothers dress their daughters to look like mini mes, today we thought we’d take a look at some adorable mommy son combos. There’s just something about mothers and sons that’s different, unique, and way to cute to ignore. Let’s dive in, shall we?



1. Kate Middleton With Her Son Prince George
Do you remember the day we first saw pictures of Kate Middleton and her first baby boy George? The world was on the verge of cuteness overload. Nothing has changed since then, they’re just as cute as ever, except now Kate also has a daughter and she recently had a new baby boy named Luis. Oh we have so many cute photos to look forward to.



2. Miranda Kerr With Her Son Flynn
Miranda and her ex Orlando Bloom might not be together anymore but they will always have their adorable son Flynn to keep them close. Look how stylish Flynn is, we’re sure Miranda loves dressing him up and he always look so happy and like they’re having the best time together.


3. Kim Kardashian With Her Son Saint
Kim’s baby boy Saint takes after his father. Much like Kanye, he makes the funniest serious and grumpy faces, but on a baby it’s the cutest thing ever. And Kim can’t stop talking about how much she loves her kids and how fascinating and funny she finds them to be.


4. Hilary Duff With Son Luca
Hillary and her son Luca are also a very stylish duo. We live for their cute outfits, but we look forward to their cute hugs even more. They just have so much love and affection for each other we just can’t get enough of it.



5. Kourtney Kardashian With Son Mason
Kourtney was the first of the Kardashian sisters to have a kid, and we’re pretty sure that she’s partially responsible for the baby craze in the family. But once you look at how cute her son Mason is and how much fun they have together it’s no wonder the rest of the Kardashians became baby obsessed.


6. Ciara With Her Son Future Zahir
It might be a bit confusing that Ciara’s son and his father are both called Future, but hey, they can always call him Junior. Either way that boy is too cute for words and we love the bond that he has with his mom. They always look like they’re partners in crime who are up for some mischief.


7. Jessica Alba With Son Hayes
Jessica Alba only recently became a mother again and she seems very much in love with her baby boy Hayes. They do everything together and Jessica is rarely seen without him. We can’t wait to see what Hayes will look like when he grows up a bit.


8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley With Son Jack
Rosie Huntington Whiteley isn’t huge on the idea of showing off her son Jack to paparazzi, so there’s very few pictures of them together, but it’s understandable. First of all it’s probably the right thing to do, that little boy shouldn’t have to deal with all this fame stuff, but secondly, we’d want him all to ourselves too.