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8 Female Celebs Everyone Loves To Hate


How serious is your obsession with celebrities and celeb culture? If you’re more like “oh I read about them here and there and follow a couple of celebs on Twitter and Instagram” – you’re lucky. Because some people are so obsessed with celebs they can get into a pretty serious fight about it. A verbal fight of course, we’re not animals, there’s no need for physical violence. Basically there are some celebs out there that are loved by everyone, like can you imagine someone hating Beyonce? Yeah, exactly, neither can I. But then there are celebs like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and others that have people divided into “devoted fans” and “haters”. Why? We’re about to explore those reasons right here and right now.



1. Kim Kardashian
Kim is one of those celebs who is basically famous for being “famous”. She didn’t really do anything special and it’s hard to say she’s got any special talent to warrant such popularity. Yet somehow she’s the most talked about celebrity ever, being invited to every talk show. Some people love her and everything she does, but you can see why some people hate her, right?




2. Taylor Swift
Taylor went from a cute little country girl, America’s sweetheart, to a pop diva who seems to be in the center of all the celeb scandals. Her songs are incredibly catchy, but her constant feuds are making her look bitchy and very unlikable. Still, she has millions of fans who adore her and believe that she’s undeservedly getting a lot of bad press. On the other hand there’s a lot of Taylor haters who think her music is overrated and she’s just an attention seeker and a drama queen. Which side are you on?

3. Kristen Stewart
There’s a chance that you loved her when she was the star of Twilight. But the further that movie franchise went, the more awkward Kristen became. Both on screen and in her interviews. At first it was kind of adorable. It was unusual to see a celeb who wasn’t quite as confident or comfortable in the spotlight and on red carpets. It made us relate to her, think that she’s one of us, normal people. But now it’s just annoying to hear her complain about how hard it is being famous and what a struggle it is.

4. Anne Hathaway
The hate for Anne Hathaway got so far that there’s a word for people who hate her – Hatha-haters. It’s a bit strange how that happened. Everyone used to love her at first, especially back when she starred in Devil Wears Prada. She was so relatable and lovely. And then, right about when she got a role in Les Miserables, it’s like the public turned on her. Not because of her performance, no, she was amazing. It’s more about her being too perfect all the time and therefore not relatable anymore. It’s a silly reason, really, but what can you do?



5. Katy Perry
Katy is a classic pop star. Her songs are catchy, her concerts are incredibly fun and you can count on a great show. She’s always in a bright and colorful outfit, and there’s a lot of visual art in her music videos. But there lies the problem. In her constant search of new and exciting looks to experiment with and show off, she often does a lot of culture appropriation which is just not cool. And the most annoying thing is that she doesn’t even seem to understand that what she’s doing is wrong. Did she surround herself with people who tell her it’s ok? Is she blissfully unaware or does she know but just doesn’t care? Either way, she gets a lot of hate because of this.

6. Bella Thorne
Bella’s popularity skyrocketed recently and so did people’s hate for her. Why? Well cause that’s what happens when you become famous. You get fans and you get haters. One of the biggest reason people hate her is because she changed her style. She used to be sweet and cute and adorable, and now she loves wearing revealing outfits, coloring her hair crazy colors and wearing heavy makeup whenever she goes out in public. And, on her chill days she tends to look like a hobo. Some even might go as far as to call her the queen of grime, but really, she’s just going through a phase, give her a break.

7. Ariel Winter
We’re used to Ariel looking like Alex Dunphy. A smart, dorky, sarcastic little girl on Modern Family. But she’s growing up fast and people just can’t cope with it. She’s got curves and she loves flaunting them, perhaps even too much. Sometimes she goes too far with her outfits and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, because she’s only 19. That’s hardly a reason to hate her, after all, she’s all about body positivity and being herself, but you know how people are. If they want to hate someone they will find a reason.

8. Jennifer Lawrence
Who knew it would come to this. Everyone used to love Jennifer Lawrence. She was the IT girl. Appearing out of nowhere and winning an Oscar. She was so relatable when she fell on stage, we loved that she seemed so real and actually ate real food. We loved how loud and funny she was and how she seemed constantly shocked to find herself in the same room with proper Hollywood stars. And then suddenly everyone got irritated by that. How can she be that relatable if she’s one of them. She’s a proper star now, but she still behaves like a normal person? No way – we’re gonna hate her now. Yup, true story, that’s what happened.