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8 Interesting Things To Know About Meghan Markle


A lot of us dreamt of marrying a prince when we were children. It all seemed so perfect, romantic and magical. Then we grew up and figured out that it’s not realistic, because princes usually marry princesses and it’s something you can’t really achieve, you have to be born one. When Kate Middleton married Prince William – everything changed. Turns out you don’t have to be a princess to marry a prince? How awesome is that? And so the obsession with Prince Harry began. Well, ladies, looks like our time is up and Prince Harry is taken for good. It was recently announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially engaged. Yes, that same Meghan Markle from the American TV show Suits. Well this is going to be an interesting couple – a British prince and an American actress. What will their wedding look like? How does the Queen feel about it? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s find out more about Meghan Markle.



1. She Chose Harry Before She Even Met Him
Years ago, before Megan even had a chance to meet Harry, she was asked in an interview to choose between Prince William and Prince Harry. At first she tried to avoid the question and said she couldn’t choose, but eventually she agreed and chose Harry. Funny thing is, Harry has admitted to fancying Meghan two years before meeting her. He saw her on TV and even once admitted on a night out that Meghan in his eyes is an ideal woman. Wonder if they knew they’d actually end up together?




2. Meghan Won’t Become Princess Meghan
Despite being engaged to a real life prince, she won’t become a princess when they finally get married. This title isn’t given to anyone, it’s for members of the royal family only, so you actually have to be born a princess. She might become a duchess thought.

3. Meghan Isn’t Her Real Name
Her real name is actually Rachel (yes, like her character on Suits). Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle, but it’s unclear if Meghan is her actual second name and she just chose to go with it, or if it’s a stage name that she adopted when she decided to become an actress.

4. She’s Been Married Before
Not only is she American, but she’s also a divorcee, which worries a lot of people, considering she’s about to marry into the British royal family. But thankfully it’s not the 1930s anymore, and the Church of England now has no problem with divorces and is happy to let divorcees marry in church.



5. Megan Will Leave The Suits
It’s hard to tell whether she will be leaving the show after 7 seasons just because it’s time, or if it has anything to do with her engagement to Prince Harry, but the fact remains – you won’t see her on Suits anymore. However, it’s still unclear if she will be giving up acting altogether. We imagine it would be difficult to be a movie star and a member of the royal family at the same time, but perhaps Meghan can do it.

6. She’s Been An Equal Rights Activist Since Childhood
Apparently, it started when she was only 11. Little Meghan saw a dish soap commercial on TV that said something along the lines of “women all over the country are fighting greasy pots and pans” and some of her friends sniggered saying “yeah, women belong in the kitchen”. That upset her so much she wrote letters to the dish soap company, the first lady and women’s right attorney and some journalists. Clearly she didn’t stop there, she was always vocal about women’s rights and now she’s an ambassador for United Nations Women.

7. She’s Best Friends With Serena Williams
They met by chance at a charity football match and instantly became friends. Now Meghan makes sure to always come and support Serena whenever she has the opportunity. It’s really sweet and we’re sort of hoping to see Serena as a Bride of Honor. *fingers crossed*

8. Meghan Loves Dogs
Meghan has two rescue dogs names Guy and Bogart and she loves them to bits. This will probably score her some point with the Queen, who’s also an avid dog lover. Just imagine all those dogs playing together.