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8 Nerdy Celebs Who Became Gorgeous Adults


What would we do without our favorite celebs that grew up right in front of our eyes? It’s so entertaining to watch them grow up and they teach us that talent comes at any age. That’s right, you don’t necessarily have to go to film school to become an actor, sometimes you’re born with that talent. A thing that doesn’t always come as a birthright is hotness. Some child stars are cute to begin with, others look a bit awkward and nerdy. If there’s one thing that’s fun to watch is when puberty hits them. It’s truly fascinating to see a child star grow up into a stunning, beautiful, gorgeous adult. Today we’re going to take a walk down memory lane and look at some nerdy celebs who became smokin’ hot.



1. Alexa Vega
We all remember little Alexa as the snarky and sarcastic yet adorable brunette Carmen from Spy Kids. Boy did she grow up to be even more beautiful. She’s now a smoking hot lady. She blossomed from a cute little brunette into a gorgeous blonde. Not only that but she’s also married now. Time really flies, doesn’t it? This spy kid is all woman now.



2. Matthew Lewis
I’m pretty sure it would be a crime not to include him in this list. Remember him playing the chubby and awkward Neville Longbottom? Who would’ve thought he could ever shake that image. But Matthew managed to do that and so much more. Now instead of feeling sorry for the kid and wanting to pinch his cheek we all drool over his buff physique and want to pinch his bum.

3. Ariana Grande
Ariana started her career on Broadway in a musical called 13, but we mostly know her from the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Her years on Nickelodeon featured a lot of different style transformations before she got to where she is now. She looks pretty much unrecognizable from her younger self these days. Ariana might only be 22, but she sure looks all grown up now. It looks like her fan base now consists not only of teenage fangirls, but quite a few guys who think she’s as beautiful as they get.




4. Joseph Gordon Levitt
These days it’s hard to imagine Joseph Gordon Levitt as anything but perfect. Whether you know him from Don Jon, Inception or 500 Days of Summer you probably think he’s gorgeous and quirky. He looks awesome in a suit and without one. But do you remember that he actually started out as a child star? He used to be that weird long haired kid on Third Rock From The Sun and later he played the nerdy kid in 10 Things I Hate About You. There’s no way of knowing if it was a matter of growing up, or did Heath Ledger sneeze at him at some point and infected him with good looks, but Joseph Gordon Levitt is looks smoking these days.

5. Demi Lovato
If your first memory of Demi Lovato is in Camp Rock — you haven’t seen the really nerdy Demi Lovato yet. She actually started her career on Barney & Friends. This young lady went through quite a lot. When you think about it when you start you career acting alongside a purple dinosaur, there’s no knowing where you’ll end up. At some point Demin even had to go to rehab. But it looks like she’s back and looking better than ever. That was quite a transformation Demi, we’re proud of you.



6. Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter grew up with her character Alex on Modern Family. We watched that girl grow from a nerdy cute little thing to a gorgeous, smart, sarcastic and witty young woman. Isn’t that just a dream come true. They all made fun of her for being the nerdy middle child who’ll never get a boyfriend. Well, she sure showed them that if you have the brains, the looks will come one day and then you’ll be unstoppable.

7. Blake Mciver Ewing
What a name, right? That’s quite a mouthful for someone who started out as a child actor. As a kid he was often confused with MaCaulay Culkin from home alone. That must’ve been a difficult time for a kid. These days Blake is looking hot as hell though, so guess who got the better deal now. He certainly went from looking “ew” to “yum”.



8. Shia Labeouf
These days Shia Labeouf is more known for his crazy stunts there’s no denying that he also looks hella attractive. Do you remember what this admittedly kinda crazy, but gorgeous buff guy used to look like back in the day? That’s right, he used to be a wacky little weirdo on Even Stevens. It’s shocking what puberty can do to a kid. Both physically and mentally in this case. *wink wink* We’re joking. We love actual cannibal *cough*, I mean, Hollywood superstar Shia Labeouf.