8 People Who Would Give Anything to Become Kim Kardashian

We all know that Kim Kardashian is a popular persona both on TV and in real life, but not many of us realize just how obsessed some people are with Kim and her gorgeous looks. You may or may not like her, but you can’t deny the fact that she’s captivated the minds of thousands of people all over the world and has become something of a trend. So it’s completely understandable when women want to look at least a little bit like her. Or maybe a lot like her. Actually, not only women dream of becoming Kim Kardashian, but some guys as well! As crazy as it may sound, there are people who go to great lengths to look like Kim K and even do plastic surgeries to change their appearance. Here are 9 people who really, really want to look like Kim Kardashian.



Lilit Avagyan
Lilit has more common things with Kim than any of the above mentioned women – she’s married to Kim’s ex-boyfriend! Reggie Bush definitely has a certain type when it comes to women and Lilit is probably tired of the comparisons with Kim Kardashian, but the resemblance is just uncanny. They look like sisters!



Claire Leeson
Claire Leeson is truly unstoppable when it comes to Kim Kardashian and her gorgeous looks. In fact, Claire is spending all her money (even that she doesn’t actually have) to alter her face and to resemble Kim more. She’s spent $40,000 on plastic surgery and has used her credit cards excessively. She is now around $10,000 in debt and isn’t planning on stopping.

Milana Aslani
Milana is the spitting image of Kim Kardashian, although she claims that this look isn’t intentional, we don’t really believe her. Nevertheless, Milana isn’t happy with the way she looks now. She confessed that looking like Kim did her no favors and even impeded her reality star career. She would like to change the way she looks now!

Marianna Hewitt
Marianna looks like a real doppelganger of Kim Kardashian, although she herself won’t admit it. She blogs about style and makeup on a regular basis and it is clear that Kim Kardashian is her #1 inspiration. Marianna admitted that she’s been Kim’s fan since 2006 and hasn’t stopped admiring her since then. Well, it shows!



Jimena Sanchez
This Latin American sports presenter is a TV star herself. Jimena is not ashamed of the fact that she looks like Kim Kardashian, in fact, she’s enjoying every second of it. Viewers can watch Kim’s lookalike doing sports news on Fox Deportes. She fully enjoys the nickname ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’ and totally looks the part.

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera seems to be really into Kim’s hairstyle and makeup, but she never admits it openly. She has a tendency of publicly dissing Kim Kardashian, although more often than not she looks like her twin-sister. Whatever the case, Naya Rivera looks gorgeous even if she denies Kim Kardashian being the inspiration for her looks.

Nadia Aboulhosn
Nadia has built a successful career in modeling and is known to resemble Kim Kardashian a bit. Yet, unlike many other women, she doesn’t wake up every day with the intention to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. She likes being who she is and rocking that curvaceous body of hers. What she and Kim do have in common is a passion to wear high-waisted skirts and crop tops.

Conchita Wurst
If Kim Kardashian had a beard, this is probably what she would look like. We don’t have any solid proof that Conchita Wurst was inspired by Kim Kardashian while creating her gorgeous look, yet we can’t deny the fact that the two look really alike.