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8 Real People With Superhuman Abilities


We all have our favorite superheros. Some of us are Superman fans, others prefer Batman or maybe even Spiderman. Wonder Woman is a role model for many. But all of those are fictional characters. What about real people? Do those have some superpowers? Well, turns out that they do. There’s quite a few real people who have very unusual abilities, some might even consider them to be superhumans.




Wim Hof – The Iceman
Wim Hof is in his 50’s, but his health and his abilities are a miracle to many. He’s well known around the world as ‘The Iceman”. He holds about 20 world records and a lot of them have to do with being able to withstand extreme colds. He climbed mount Everest and Kilimanjaro wearing nothing but shoes and shorts. He swam beneath ice, he stood fully submerged in ice and took ice baths. There’s no other man like this, and if you need proof, wait til you hear this — not only did he manage to break the ice endurance record and set his own, he later broke his own ice endurance record. Wim says he can control his body temperature using breathing techniques and yoga.
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Veronica Seider – A Woman With Supersight
Veronica Seider has supersight. Her eyesight is about 20 times better than that of an average human. Normally people can barely see and distinguish details from 20 feet away. However, Veronica can do that from more than a mile away. She can identify people from a mile away, which is quite impressive, since an average human being would need a set of binoculars to manage that.
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Magnet Men
There’s actually two men who share this power. One of them, Liew Thow Lin, is from Malaysia he’s well known as Mr Magnet or Magnet Man. Liew Thow Lin has an extraordinary ability to stick metal objects to his body. And we’re not talking just spoons and forks here. He can actually make heavy metal objects stick to him, up to 2 kg per object. He can carry up to 36 kg of metal stuck to his skin in total. When checked by doctors and scientist, it turned out that Liew Thow Lin doesn’t have any magnetic abilities, but instead his skin has an unusual amount of friction to it, creating a suction effect.
The other man who shares a similar power is called Miroslaw Magola, and he says he can make metal objects stick to him by using the power of thought.
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Natasha Demkina – X Ray Vision
Natasha was a regular kid up until the age of 10, that’s when she got her X Ray vision. It was just a regular day, she was sitting at home with her mother and then she got a vision. She could see inside her mother’s body and see all her organs. Ever since then she’s been able to see like an X Ray and detect if there’s any problems with people’s organs. She says she has to switch from normal to ‘medical’ vision all the time.
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Michael Lotito – Monsieur Mangetout
Michael was a French entertainer who could eat anything, which got him a nickname Monsieur Mangetout, which translates as Mr Eat All. He could eat glass, rubber, metal — materials that no one else could. He cut up and ate shopping carts, bicycles, TVs, beds, chandeliers, skis, computers, coffins. He even ate a plane once — that took him about 2 years. He started this strange diet as a teenager and later found out that he could earn money from it by becoming a performer. He usually ate about a kilogram of strange materials when performing, which he did daily. It’s estimated that he ate about 9 tons of metal during his performing years.
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Shakuntala Devi – Human Computer
Shakuntala Devi was born in India, and from a very young age of 6 she’s been able to calculate complex mathematical problems in her head. Her calculating abilities helped her travel the world. She toured Europe and US demonstrating her arithmetic talent. She’s been tested since many times and even studied by a professor of Berkley. She’s been asked to calculate the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375 and she easily did that in her head, without using pen and paper or a calculator.
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Tim Cridland – The Torture King
Tim Cridland, better known as Zamora the Torture King is an American performer. He was originally a member of Jim Rose Circus, before he became a solo performer. He’s the master of all sorts of painful experiments. He can swallow swords, he’s a fire eater, he skewered his body multiple times and electrocuted himself for show. He says he wasn’t born with this talent, he taught himself to tolerate pain and believes anyone can do it.
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Stephen Wiltshire – Draws Detailed Landscapes From Memory
Stephen Wiltshire was born in London, England. He was born mute and was later diagnosed as autistic. He expressed an interest in art from an early age. He attended a special school for autistic kids and was taught to speak fluently by the age of nine. His teachers tried to force him to speak by taking away his art supplies and that’s how he uttered his first word, which was ‘paper’. Now Stephen has a permanent gallery in London and is famous all over the world or his ability to draw detailed landscapes from memory after only seeing them once.
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