8 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is an Ultimate Independent Gal

Listen, it’s easy to hate on Taylor Swift, but the truth is you don’t get that far in showbiz without being a smart and talented businesswoman. So today we thought that instead of digging for gossip, or pointing out some of her flaws (which we all have, get over it, no one is perfect) we would instead write about some reasons why Taylor Swift is an ultimate independent gal.



1. She Stays True To Herself
Taylor Swift started out as a country girl, and since then she evolved into a pop diva but you can tell she’s being unapologetically herself. You can’t expect a person not to grow and change overtime and Taylor did just that instead of trying to keep the same image all the time.



2. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve
It takes a lot of courage to wear your heart on a sleeve and put your pain and heartbreak into your music, which is then broadcasted to the whole world. Especially when people constantly gossip and talk behind your back.


3. She’s Confident
Taylor doesn’t care what people will say, she knows who she is and she’s confident about it. She doesn’t have time for haters, as she says in her song, you just gotta “shake it off”. Taylor Swift also never compromises on things that are important to her and doesn’t give up.


4. She Empowers Girls
Taylor is a proud feminist and really believes in equality, she wants to be a role model. She hopes to inspire little girls to reach for success and proves that it’s possible.



5. She’s Down To Earth
Even though Taylor is super famous and is a big name celebrity, she’s still down to earth and you can see it on her social media. She cares about the little things in life and enjoys the normal things like hanging out with friends and baking. She’s not about that glam life on the daily.


6. She’s A Hard Worker
Taylor tours pretty much non-stop, and when she doesn’t she’s working on new material and writing new songs, or doing press or filming music videos or working on choreography or doing charity work. This woman never stops, because she knows it takes hard work to stay on top.


7. She Values Real Friendship
She’s been known to bring friends to red carpets instead of boyfriends, and even though she has a lot of songs about love and her ex-boyfriends, friends and family are way more important to her.


8. She’s Made It
No matter how you looks at it, whether you love or hate her, you can’t deny that she’s made it. She’s a top selling artist, she has multiple prestigious awards for her music, she’s known all over the world and she has millions of fans. She started out with nothing, she grew up on a little farm and look at her now. She’s made it.