8 Surprising Divorces of the Past Year

It seems like after 2016, which was a year of “realizing stuff”, Hollywood stars are starting to act on their realizations and saying bye-bye to their significant others. While nothing more needs to be said about Brad and Angelina, there are still plenty of ugly Hollywood divorces to look at. Let’s review!



1. La La & Carmelo Anthony
While the divorce papers aren’t in yet, La La Anthony made quite the statement with her dress at the MET Gala last week by showing up with rings on every finger except where her wedding band should be. Tensions are rumored to be high in the ‘Melo family after the New York Knicks star Carmelo was reportedly caught being unfaithful. Again, nothing is on paper, but a very clear message has been sent. Nothing ”melo” happening here.



2. Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac
After nearly three years of marriage Scarlett Johansson has filed for divorce. The two are reportedly going to remain business partners and co-owners of the Yummy Pop snack brand. It is, however, clear that they will share and evenly split their parenting responsibilities of their two-year-old daughter, Rose. Interestingly, Romain’s lawyers have stated that the French journalist was surprised and “blindsided” by the actress’s decision to file for divorce. Has Scarlett gone off the tracks or is their something deeper that caused their spit? Stay tuned!

3. Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyers
After nine years of marriage and two kids, Jennifer Meyers, a jewelry designer, and everyone’s favorite Spider Man split up in the second half of 2016. The couple did not disclose precise reasons for their divorce, telling journalists and friends that they have simply grown apart. The couple has decided to share their parenting responsibilities and feel that their children are mature enough to understand their decision. People do grow apart. Let’s wish them well in their separate lives.

4. Janet Jackson & Wissam Al Mana
Janet Jackson’s fans finally know the name of her son and are presented with a curveball—her marriage with Wissam Al Mana is no more. It seems she needed to take a much needed break to get her personal life in order. In a tweeted video, Janet spoke about this split, her three-month-old son, Essa. Ms. Jackson also said that she and her soon-to-be-ex are in court, “and the rest is in God’s hands.” Janet it seems is destined to be a single mom. Mana has been mum on all this. His perspective on all this will be interesting to hear.



5. Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman
Last October Len Wiseman filed for divorce. Although the couple has been married for over 12 years, TMZ reports that “irreconcilable differences” were the cause for divorce. Unlike some of the divorces that will follow, this one was smooth, as the couple had a prenuptial agreement and has reportedly been separated for several months before the divorce papers were filed. Ugliness prevented by the prenup!

6. Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin
After just slightly over ten years of marriage the couple—parents of Apple and Moses—split up. Rumors regarding troubles in the couple’s life have been around for nearly the entire duration of the marriage, and on several occasions Paltrow made comments on it herself. The couple expressed their mutual wishes to make their marriage work, but realized that it is better for them to not be married. Both parents have made parenting their priority, and will be splitting their parenting duties evenly. Gwen’s “conscious uncoupling” from Chris moves ahead!

7. David Schwimmer & Zoe Buckman
Seems like David’s life is back to second gear as last month it was confirmed that he and his wife are taking some time apart. It’s unclear whether the Friends star will be getting a divorce, he did confirm that he and Ms. Buckman are taking time apart to “work out their future.” Schwimmer and Buckman have been married since June 2010 and have a five-year-old daughter named Cleo, who has been a priority in both their lives. Maybe for Schwimmer to go back and watch a few episodes of Friends to get an idea of how to manage relationships!

8. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard
By far the messiest divorce in this list, involves Amber Heard not only filing for divorce, but also seeking a restraining order! After months of negotiations, several failed settlement agreements, $100,000 donated to charity in the name of Amber Heard—their divorce was finally official in January of this year. The outcome of their “passionate and at times volatile” relationship will be $6.8m donated to two charities—the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Let’s call this one a cat fight for the 2016-2017 divorce season. Johnny and Amber win the award for most hard feelings and vitriol, hands down!