9 Beautiful Actresses Who Went Ugly For Movie Roles

As a famous actress, being a part of the glitz and glamour isn’t all that hard. After all, the reason that you’re in the industry is because of your rare beauty! But when actresses want a nod from the Academy, or be recognized not just as a pretty face but as playing more “serious” roles, they tend to ugly themselves up on screen to a point where the red carpet stunners we’re used to become unrecognizable! Check the most unbelievable transformations here.



1. Charlize Theron – Monster
South African stunner Charlize Theron, who some might call the most beautiful woman in the world, stripped down to this raw and terrifying version of Aileen Wuornos, the not-so-cute trucker serial killer from Florida who killed a bunch of dudes. Theron’s performance was powerful and she looked startlingly like Wuornos herself in the transformation.



2. Rooney Mara – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Rooney Mara is such a babe in plunging necklines on the red carpet, that when we saw her with that jacked up hair and bleached eyebrows. Lookin’ like a Yeezy show gone wrong. With her intense eyes and pale skin, the tatted up and pierced punk alt ago that Mara adopted for her Lisbeth Salander role sure gave us the creeps!

3. Renee Zellweger – Bridget Jones Diary
This isn’t to say that plus-size girls can’t be cute too, but the sloppy and chubby Bridget Jones versus the angular, sharp sexiness of Rene Zellweger was certainly quite the change. Just the difference in her face is quite amazing – from frumpy to red carpet ready, we don’t know how Renee was so dedicated for this role that she did it not once, but thrice!
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4. Hilary Swank – Boys Don’t Cry
Not to say that Hilary doesn’t still look cool AF with a buzzcut, but she’s definitely less traditionally attractive than we’re used to seeing her on the red carpet with this awkward, boxy trim and a cowboy outfit consisting of flannel tucked in to high-waisted, not so flattering dad jeans. She rocks the andro look in her own way, but it’s not the statuesque, sexy Hilary that we’re used to, down to the walk and everything.
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5. Rumer Willis – The House Bunny
Wow! Hollywood bombshell Demi Moore birthed some pretty attractive kids, and Rumer isn’t an exception to that! However, her beauty was dampened in this role where she wore a body brace and was transformed into a mega geek! Luckily, in the movie we got to watch her undergo a makeover where she ended up looking fierce!
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6. Gwyneth Paltrow – Shallow Hal
When you think of Gwyneth Paltrow, the last word that comes to mind is “fat”. The lithe blond transformed into a morbidly obese woman for this movie about a man that see and falls in love with a woman’s inner beauty, stopping him from seeing her physical flaws. And since we’re used to seeing a physically flawless Gwyneth, getting used to her in a fat suit was a bit weird, we’ll admit it.

7. Nicole Kidman – The Hours
A prosthetic nose and a makeup-free look made Nicole Kidman almost unrecognizable, in this role as Virginia Wolff. From glamour star to dowdy and modest writer, she made her expression more frowny and cross-eyed as well, making the redheaded bombshell way harder to pinpoint.
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8. Anne Hathaway – Princess Diaries
Anne Hathaway is the beautiful brunette that we all came to know in love in roles, such as the sexy and edgy artist in “Love and Other Drugs” and the sappy “One Day”, but this was her claim to fame, and she started out as a frizzy-haired, four-eyed awkward chick. Luckily, in the movie we get to watch her transform into an elegant swan, but the starting point is pretty rough, especially that unibrow!

9. Mariah Carey – Precious
We’re used to seeing this high-maintenance diva in a hip-hugging gown and a full face of makeup with perfectly done hair, but we’re actually impressed by how much she dressed down and took on this serious role of a social worker in the emotional film “Precious”. Upon first seeing her plain and unglamorous look, you might have to check that IMDB page to make sure it’s really your favorite R&B icon.
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