9 Best Dancers Of Our Days

There have been some iconic dancers over the decades – Baryshnakov broke barriers, as did famous ballerinas like Anna Pavlova. But in this day and age, we have a younger school of dancers that are inspirational icons in the making, and might one day be spoken of as legends like their predecessors. Discover what these breathtaking dancers and their supremely graceful moves are all about.



1. Misty Copeland
This American Ballet Theatre dancer has a stunning physique, and is the first African American Female Principal dancer. Besides making history, she learned pointe within 3 months of ballet, and is considered a prodigy even though she didn’t start till age 13.



2. Maddie Ziegler
This is one of the younger dancers on our list who rose to fame from Dance Moms, and her fame, and she’s blown up over the past couple of years in Sia’s music video and more. The beautiful youngster has even performed at the Grammys!

3. Janelle Ginestra
This talented hip hop choreographer and actress has worked for Glee and The X Factor, and has some really impressive choregraphies on Youtube. She’s worked with acclaimed choreographers like Will da beast Adams (who is also her bae of two years) , and has 196k followers.

4. Sergei Polunin
This tatted up Ukrainian “bad boy of ballet” is sure to make all girls who are into dancers swoon. He was once Principal Dancer for the British royal Ballet and is now principal dancer with Stanislavsky, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre. An amazing dancer and a babe, but probably not too much free time.



5. Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson
Fraternal twins Taylor and Larsen gave an awesome performance in Big Sean’s music video IDGAF and some fierce “run The World” choreography as well. Their energy together is unbeatable. And directed by another babe on our list – Janelle!

6. FKA Twigs
This goddess is the master of vogueing, and her edgy, geometric style sets her apart from the rest. Robert is so lucky. She actually started her career as a backup dancer for the likes of Jessie J and Kylie Minogue before singing, and all her moves are so intricate and mesmerizing.

7. Ivan Vasiliev
Another male ballet dancer with impressive jumps whose body makes us drool, and he’s also known as “Sex On Legs” by fans. This Russian hunk is with the American Ballet Theatre, joining the company of Misty Copeland. He played a role in Spartacus, and we would very much like to fantasize about it all day.



8. Jade Chynoweth
This 18-year-old hip hop dancing gives us hard-hitting choreography that almost reminds a bit of Ciara. Her ab game is as fiercely impressive as her moves and precise isolation – she easily takes over a room and her videos prove it. A young force to be reckoned with.

9. Teyana Taylor
A more recent addition to the list – Teyana has always danced, but she caught the world’s attention with her moves in Kanye’s recent ‘Fade’ video. She proved her strength and swift, athletic agility in her moves prove that she’s a dancer to have on our radars.