9 Gorgeous Women Over 50 That Will Inspire You To Change Your Lifestyle

We are quite used to celebrities looking great no matter what, be it day or night, sun or snow, spring or winter. But even celebs can’t escape age and changes that come with it. Some of them just quietly vanish from the spotlight so no one would see how their beauty fades away, yet others manage to stay healthy and fit, and look better after 50 than they did in their prime! We’ve investigated what makes women like Yolanda Hadid and Sharon Stone look so breathtakingly good and now we want to share their secrets with you. Here are 9 gorgeous women over 50 that will inspire you to change your lifestyle.



Sharon Stone (59)
The star of Basic Instinct, Total Recall, and Casino has captivated the minds of men for decades. It’s true that her youth is gone, but she is as beautiful as ever! Sharon Stone admits that she has no actual ‘beauty secrets’ – she just loves sports and leads an active way of life playing with her kids all the time. She also does yoga, horse-riding, pilates, and goes to the beach as much as possible. Sharon Stone’s number one advice would be to use great skin creams.



Andie MacDowell (59)
We remember lovely Andie MacDowell from Four Weddings and a Funeral and Groundhog Day, and she still looks as gorgeous as she did back in the day. Andie believes you should enjoy your life and live it to the fullest – this way you will feel and look young. The actress lives according to these simple rules – she spends most of her time out in the nature on her ranch, rides horses, goes to the gym, and frequently does yoga.

Jane Seymour (66)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour believes that she owes her youthful looks to the genes. Other than that, she doesn’t have any harmful habits, stays away from cigarettes and alcohol, and has a special diet that keeps her healthy and fit. One of her secret beauty tricks is using rainwater to rinse her hair. It makes Jane Seymour’s hair shinier than any shampoo ever could!

Christie Brinkley (64)
Christie Brinkley, a famous 70s American model that’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue numerous times, knows a thing or two about maintaining beauty. She’s tried all kinds of diets like drinking juices, eating apples, and consuming grapefruits before each meal, but eventually learned that they didn’t work. What you need is a healthy lifestyle paired with a balanced diet that includes a little bit of everything.



Yolanda Hadid (54)
Yolanda Hadid has had a tough life. She gave birth to two gorgeous daughters – Bella and Gigi Hadid, and that’s one of the main reasons she kept on going. She’s been through a tough childhood, a few complicated divorces, and even battled the infamous Lyme disease. During all these hardships she thought only about raising her daughters. Now she likes to simply enjoy herself in peace and quiet. Among her favourite pastimes are yoga, snorkelling, horse riding, and spending a whole day at the beach.

Yazemeenah Rossi (62)
Yazemeenah Rossi, a model, yogi, and beach lover, can teach us all how to live a happy life and stay pretty as long as possible (because the two things are connected, obviously). Yazemeenah lives in a quiet place near the ocean, cooks for herself, eats plenty of organic foods, and sleeps a lot. She loves putting natural oils onto her skin and includes healthy fats in her diet. That’s basically all you need to stay young in your 60s!

Sharron Davies (55)
Sharron Elizabeth Davies doesn’t look her age at all! She started swimming when she was just six years old and she hasn’t stopped ever since. She even won a silver medal at the 1980s Olympic games! So what’s her secret? Well, her lifestyle is her secret! Sharron Davies believes that you need to move a lot and stay active, this way you will always feel and look great.



Susan Lucci (71)
The ‘Daytime’s Leading Lady’ got truly famous after the 70s ABC drama All My Children that aired for more than 40 years. This means Susan Lucci had to look her best all these years! Her ‘youth secrets’ are quite simple: healthy regimen, good food, and loads of exercises. Susan herself is a fan of pilates and has been doing it for two decades.

Ernestine Shepherd (81)
Looking at Ernestine Shepherd now it’s hard to tell what her actual age is. Ernie was 56 years old when she and her sister decided to go to the gym to shed some extra pounds to look better in swimsuits – and they didn’t want to stop afterwards! They both started doing bodybuilding and Ernie even ran marathons. Her diet is precise as she needs a certain amount of calories a day to maintain her body’s strength, but she also enjoys running and working as a personal trainer. This 81-year-old lady was named the oldest bodybuilder in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.