9 Of The Worst Wedding Dresses You’ve Ever Seen

A lot of girls and women take their wedding day pretty seriously. Some dream about it since childhood, others just wish for it to be perfect, and some just really want to create a lovely memory and perhaps make a lasting impression on their friends and family. And when it comes to weddings we can all probably agree that the wedding dress is the most talked about thing. The groom will wear a suit, that’s whatever, the decorations, food and the location of the wedding will be mentioned in passing, but the dress is what everyone will obsess about. Everyone has their own ideas about what a perfect wedding dress is, but these ladies had some pretty strange ideas to say the least. Here, see for yourself.



1. Just one question – Is that the groom? Cause their outfits match so well.



2.While the first lady on our list might’ve worn too little for her wedding, this is probably too much. What was she going for? A peacock look?

3. We get it, you’re patriotic. You literally wore a flag as a dress.

4. Who said you can’t wear a rainbow? After all, it’s her special day and she will wear what she wants.



5. I always thought poofy wedding dresses made brides look like a marshmallow or a cake. Well this girl took that to a whole new level.

6. What the hell were they thinking? On the other hand, they clearly are a match made in heaven.

7. Wonder if she wanted to “set the night on fire” or look “smoking hot”.



8. It’s been said that every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, but does she have to look like the princess who’s 5 years old?

9. Was her goal to look like she’s emerging from a bubble bath?