9 Signs Kendall Isn’t Really One Of The Kardashians

Kendall Jenner is the unicorn of her family, and our only sliver of humanity within the Kardashian clan. Her family profits from reveling in the spotlight, mobile apps, and overexposure. But Kendall is just focused on being Kendall – and that’s what sets her apart. Her independent and care-free spirit shows that she’s just focused on keeping it real – here are some of the reason why we adore her so much and are convinced she might’ve been secretly adopted.



1. She’s not a social media narcissist
Her social media accounts aren’t an impressive encyclopedia of selfies. If anything, the Kardashians are definitely known for selfies. Her IG isn’t a total practice in ego, and that’s sort of why we love her.



2. On filming KUWTK, she didn’t let them film her homework
She remembers telling crew, “just leave me alone, this isn’t even entertaining!”. She then started to lock herself in her room during homework time, creating some boundaries with the crew. We have a feeling the other sisters wouldn’t give up a second of potential air time.

3. She keeps it au naturale, and we love it
We know she got lucky being born with a supermodel’s body and all, but it’s sort of ludicrous to say that everyone else in her family hasn’t gotten a ton of work done. Kendall exudes natural confidence and we love it.

4. Because she’s actually a good sister, and supportive family member
Those girls have done some pretty conniving moves to one another, but Kendall knows that having her family’s back is a priority. Her relationship with her Kim-like sibling closest in age, Kylie, is proof of this. She’ll always have her sis’s back, hold her hand in a crowd, tend to what’s important.



5. She has a job other than TV personality
She managed to make a career in an industry that wasn’t based on her taking pics of herself instead of just being a reality TV personality. No sex tapes here, and no decade long torrid romances with flakey dudes that call themselves “The Lord” ugh. And iconic designers praise her, ratter than shunning her for entering the world due to her previous fame.

6. She was so supportive of Bruce’s transition into Caitlin
This was a surprise to the family, but Kendall took it in stride, and we don’t think it’s just the fact that the situation involved her biological dad. In the special on his transition, Kendall said: “He’s the most amazing person I know. I couldn’t ask for a better dad. He taught me how to ride a bike and be the tomboy that I am. He would drive us to school and he would be the first one in line to pick us up.” So she had his back just the same.

7. She’s the anti drama-queen who’s free of toxic scandals
She doesn’t feed off drama like the rest of her family members do. Whereas the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan feeds off their gross attention, this one definitely ain’t a gossip and doesn’t stoke the fire. Even her relationships have mostly stayed out of the spotlight.



8. She’s confident, but doesn’t use her sexuality as a tool
You might have noticed, that the other Kardashians and younger sis Kylie capitalize on using their curves as a main attraction, on social media and off. But Kendall doesn’t seem to concerned with enhancing her body or showing off some cleavage or booty cheek. Instead, she just wants to have fun and be herself, not a blow up doll for the masses.

9. She’s actually relatable, and a role model
She talks to her mom the way we talk to our moms, instead of Kim’s weird mom-ager relationship with Kris. She reminds us of our anti-social moments, our fed-up-but-gonna-let-you-have-the-spotlight moments with her family, and her pretty normal teenage experience (Kylie, get the memo!). Kendall keeps it real, instead of on a pedestal, and that’s why we love her.