A Japanese Photographer Hangs Out With A Doll Who Looks and Dresses Just Like Her!

We aren’t going to lie to you, folks. We at Her Beauty think dolls are creepy. A Japanese model and photographer Iretaro became Instagram famous and gained lots followers because she always keeps a little doll version of herself as a companion. Iretaro’s doll looks like her. Dresses like her. Does the same things that she does. We’re scared. You can follow Iretaro on Twitter and Instagram if you dare. Anyway, we decided to see this task as a therapy session to get over our fear of dolls. Dolls. With all that head spinning. The creepy laughter. Showing up on different places in the room even though everybody swears they didn’t move them.


Here are 12 photos that made us feel a whole lot better about dolls.



1. Look at those flowing white skirts. See? Nothing to be afraid of, guys.



2. That’s so cute.


3. Iretaro is pondering life’s possibilities. So is her doll. Peaceful thoughts.



4. Hitchhiking, we guess? Who wouldn’t want to stop and pick them up. Everything will be just fine.


5. The doll hates losing ping pong matches. It ruins her day. That’s just how competitive she is.



6. Who’s up for playing some hand shadow game?


7. In order to get this picture right, Iretaro had to make a mini-dango for her doll. That’s actually kind of cute! We feel great now!



8. Going with a goth vibe.


9. A nice day in the fields.



10. Popcorn in the park!


11. Even dolls like to booze it up from time to time.



12. Iretaro’s twin doll even has the same glasses. Amazing!