Artist Draws Disney Princesses As Brides And They Look Beyond Stunning

Illustrator that goes by the name of Lynn-eya on Instagram is a big fan of Disney and all things Art Nouveau. She loves drawing Disney characters and is incredibly good at it. Here we’ve gathered some of her works depicting gorgeous Disney princesses as brides. We believe Disney princesses would be wearing killer dresses with amazing jewellery and fancy shoes!


Princess Tiana is such a charming bride! The whole frog-and-swamp reference is brilliantly played in the intricate design of the dress with its floral fabric and green hues. The glowing crown also looks amazing!



For those of you wondering what her hair looks like – here’s a close-up! Her detailed jewelry with leaves and vines looks quite enchanting paired with classy white pearls.


Frozen’s Anna rocks some pretty stylish ethnic patterns and a gown that just oozes winter feel. All the ribbons make her look light and airy. And don’t miss the pearls!


Gorgeous Belle from Beauty and the Beast rocks a combination of traditional wedding white, royal gold, and passionate red. An elegant golden tiara ties together the whole look!



If you’re interested in Belle’s jewelry – here’s more! That earpiece is a real work of art.


Sweet Rapunzel from Tangled might be the most charming bride of them all. Even without her golden locks, she pulls off the short haircut brilliantly. Her look is a variation of exquisite Medieval motifs completed with a bright shiny tiara.


Ariel’s dress is elegant and the fading golden detail looks absolutely magical. No hairdo can beat her natural long red locks, so she’s wearing her hair down. She looks truly sophisticated!


More of Ariel because we simply can’t get enough of her.