Artist Draws Disney Princesses In 2017, And They Result Is Beyond Awesome

Can you imagine our beloved Disney princesses here in the 21st century, rocking some of the most popular hipster looks, denim jackets, leggings, and piercings? Well, you are about to find out! Artist Fernanda Suarez from Chili reimagined some of our favorite Disney ladies in a truly stunning way. It’s true that we’ve already seen a fair share of modern princesses in our time, but this very well might be the prettiest collection on the Internet. These beauties look like they have active social media accounts and know all about the latest YouTube hair and makeup tutorials. Keep an eye on the artist’s Instagram for more princesses and unique original art as well.



‘Belle’ really does stand for ‘beautiful’ as we can clearly see from this picture. She rocks a stylish denim jacket and loves reading more than anything else. We can’t but wonder what this modern rendition of the Beast would look like?



What would a modern Chinese princess look like? We guess, exactly like this version of Mulan from 2017. She’s young, chic, gorgeous, and doesn’t care at all about long hair. But the girl definitely has a thing for dangerous-looking jewelry!

Little Mermaid is all grown-up now, rocking her sea-themed look like the mermaid that she is. Have you noticed the cute little crab tattoo? These quirky details make us love her even more!

Some people would hate Jasmin’s Kardashian-esque features, but we believe she looks quite beautiful. Oh, and the cat, who is actually her tiger named Rajah? With that tiny piece of cloth in his mouth, both the cat’s and Jasmin’s characters come alive and become much more than just another ‘modern princess’ illustration.

Well, this girl is a tough cookie.

Would you look at that hair! Pocahontas will become a source of jealousy wherever she goes because you simply can’t ignore that gorgeous shiny mane. Other than that, she’s a beautiful woman and her Native American style rocks!

Now that’s one fierce princess we’re looking at here right now! It’s hard to believe that this girl would let her stepmother (or anyone else for that matter) mess with her and make her suffer. She’s smart, confident, and certainly knows how to create a perfect updo.

Snow White
Snow White definitely knows a thing or two about bad apples, so this time she’s not eating any. How about changing this one for an iPhone? It would be so much more useful!