Artist Has Taken Her Instagram Selfies To The Next Level And We Are In Love

You won’t surprise anyone with a selfie today as people are taking them everywhere from streets of Japan to ancient castles and mountain peaks. But what really makes a selfie stand out is a personal, creative approach. You might think you’ve seen it all and there is nothing Internet can offer that will surprise you, but take a look at what Helen Meldahl is doing in her free time and you won’t be disappointed. Being an artist and a doodler, she likes working with mirrors and glass surfaces, hence, her Instagram account name MirrorsMe. Helen has a vivid imagination and is not afraid to show everyone what’s going on in her head. Her works are cute, fantastic, funny, and will definitely make your day better.
Posing in a field of sunflowers is a dream come true for many Instagram users. Helen here decided to do just that, but without leaving the room!



The artist called this masterpiece ‘Stardust’ and words can’t describe how much we love it. It’s reminiscent of both space and a magical swirl of violet flowers.



We are what we eat and judging by this selfie Helen Meldahl is a big fan of ice cream.


That moment when you walk into your bathroom and suddenly turn into Rapunzel. This is cute beyond words!



Sometimes you want to forget that you’re an artist, an Instagrammer, a human being with responsibilities, and just be a…banana. Yeah, we get that.


We’ve all had a moment when we went shopping with an innocent intention of getting milk and ended up leaving with handfuls of yummy stuff.



We all need some encouragement from time to time. Never forget to remind yourself that “you can do it” every time you look into the mirror.



Travelling is one of the most fun things in the world, but it’s not every day that we can leave everything and venture into the wild. Yet with a little bit of imagination, everyone can do it!


Sometimes Helen takes her mirror art into the streets and it’s just as lovely.



If your sleep is disturbed by nightmares – use a colorful Dreamcatcher and a bit of ancient Druid magic. That’s what we always do!


When you can’t wait to go to China and just have to create one inside your bathroom. Classic!



Want to try out a new look, but don’t want to go through the whole shopping and spending money routine? We have a solution for you – just draw it on the mirror and see if you like it!



Helen turned herself into a Super Woman, but we think she already has the coolest superpower ever. Her doodles have the power to make any dream come true!


Have you ever had that feeling that alarm clocks are evil? We certainly think they are! Especially when you need to get up at 6 a.m. after a few hours of sleep.



Going to a party without having to actually leave your house is a dream of any introvert.