Artist Makes Gorgeous Lipstick Art Using Only Lipsticks, Kiss Prints

Art is such a multimedia space, nowadays. There’s art hiding in the smallest crevices, and in the most unexpected places and formats. People even consider makeup to be an art. So does this artist, but she interpreted it in a wildly unique way.



She doesn’t make up her face and show the internet tutorials on how they can do the same. Instead, her art is actually made with makeup! As she puts it “My art is literally made with love.” To expand this further, she actually kisses her art, leaving a ton of kiss prints in every piece of art she creates. The kissing is a laborious process, but well worth it for Lipstick Lex.



She refers to herself as a lipstick artist, and while her pieces aren’t exactly controversial, they are breathtaking and innovative, and involve a ton of tedious labor. Her art spreads positivity, and that’s what we need more of 2018, for obvious reasons.

Can you find the kiss print in her art? They look like gorgeous pastel works of art to us, and the detail is impressive. If we didn’t know they were made with lipsticks and lips, we never would have been able to guess.



One thing we did notice from the images is that she has a boatload of Mac lipsticks, which is no cheap accomplishment. We could pay a couple of months of rent with that amount – do makeup artists even have that many lipsticks?

Well, it turns out that Lipstick Lex also supplies fine art originals to high-end art collectors along with manufacturing prints for everyday art lovers. Her affinity for art makes sense given her background, and we love the creativity she applied to her own artistry.



It’s amazing that Lex can use her career to fund and inspire her own artistic passions – often, the hustle doesn’t support the passion, but we’re happy she can find so much harmony between the two.

Lex admits that while some work requires 100 or so kisses (which might sound like a lot – that’s more than a makeup session nails) others require thousands! That’s a bunch of kiss emojis.

She shares images of her process and while brushes do help her refine her technique, much of the art is jut in the lipstick itself. She says that the “painting” with the lipsticks is as frequent as her kisses, but the painting part gives her a break from all that smooching.



She was actually inspired by Marilyn Monroe. While Lex used to specialize in realism oil portraiture, in 2011 she was challenged to create a Monroe portrait with a non-traditional technique that would speak to the essence of Marilyn. Hence lip and kiss prints were born.

The artist lives in Sarasota, Florida, referring to her lipstick studio as her “she shed” – a creative haven where she can develop her business and passion. We can’t wait to see what other innovation she does with her all-lipstick-errything style. They come in just about every shade, so anything is possible.