Artist Repaints Dolls Without Makeup-Up To Be More Realistic And It’s Stunning

Ever wonder what your favorite doll would look like without a cake face of makeup on? So did this Ukrainian artist, and her reimagining will blow your mind.



We live in a world of unrealistic beauty standards and the world of dolls is no different. This is quite disturbing, since these are the lessons we’re passing on to our young girls, the main customers who buy these dolls.


Olga Kamenetskaya denied to give girls a more realistic and confidence-encouraging image by repainting our favorite dolls into healthier images.


Take a Bratz Doll, for instance, who have weirdly bright eyes and tons of mascara, lip gloss, and eyeshadow. In Olga’s remix, she looks like a sweet little girl, and much prettier in our opinion.



She remixed the dolls of color to make sure their complexions and features were on point, with one of the gorgeous dolls even resembling actress Gabrielle Union.


We think this is an amazing example to set for girls as opposed to the normalized Toddlers in Tiaras image. Little girls shouldn’t be depicted wearing more makeup than we ever did as adults.


They should instead hold onto their innocence and resemble the demographic that they are intended for. These dolls are a big step towards changing low self esteem in girls globally, so we really hope they catch on soon.



Even the fantasy themes ones look insanely realistic. Creepily so, in some cases. But this woman easily has enough talent to make a Game of Thrones cast series of dolls.


Another thing that deserves kudos is the lips and eyebrows. How did she get that dewy, au naturale look on point? Makeup artists should buy these as practice canvases! #browsonsfleek