Artist Takes Photos Of Identical Twins, But They Are Nothing Alike

Alike But Not Alike is a collection of photos created by photographer Peter Zelewski, who spent a few years exploring the mysterious nature of twins and their personalities. No matter how alike these twins may seem, there are always details that set them apart. Some of them actually look like completely different people! Peter started the project because he was fascinated with the visual aspect of photographing twins, but was later captivated by the subtle differences that always shone through their seemingly similar looks. He even used the same clothes for the twins to accentuate their individuality in the best way possible.



It’s all in the eyes! Ronja and Vår may share the same face, but their personalities couldn’t be more different.



Joe and Duke are definitely two sides of the same coin, but look nothing like each other at the same time. From their poses and facial expressions to hairstyles and defiant gazes, these two brothers could very well be un-related at all. And yet, you can feel the beauty of their incredible bond!



Delilah and Tullulah rock the same nose, hair, and lips, but their eyes and postures reveal just how different their personalities are.

You can be dressed alike, but those facial expressions say it all. So much sass!



It’s incredible how the camera captured the slightest differences in Devontay and Dijon’s faces. Their emotions couldn’t be more different!

You can easily tell just how non-identical these twins are. Yasmin is gentle like a flower, while Leylah is a feisty little thing that knows a thing or two about mischief.



Violeta and Irina have similar physical appearance, but their personalities still shine through the identical clothing, hairstyles, and makeup. Their beauty is unparalleled!



Katerina and Maria may rock the same fierce style, but the way they look at you and the curvature of their lips reveals they are actually very different in real life. The girl on the right is definitely more subtle.

Bill and Toby are so alike it almost hurts to look at them! But if you pay closer attention to their faces, you’ll notice that one brother exudes calmness, while the other looks like a little red fox ready to do something extremely mischievous.



You can look at Catherine and Claire for hours, taking in all the subtle details captured by the beautiful photo.

Chè and Leonie seem dreadfully alike, but if you look past the identical makeup, glasses, and hairstyles, you can easily notice how their true personalities shine through their similar physical appearance.



It’s amazing how the photographer managed to capture the slightest differences in the way Rebecca and Edwina press their lips or gaze into the camera. It’s a real treat for the eyes!



Polly and Sophie have identical hair, skin color, and tattoos, but their faces say it all. Just look at those gorgeous features – these ladies couldn’t be more different even if they tried to!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many redheads among twins? We don’t know the answer to that question, but Kira and Taya here definitely look like they came from a cover of a fashion magazine. Their facial expressions are priceless!



Cristian and George are the spitting image of each other, that’s why we can only rely on their eyes to set them apart.