Artist Turns Her Massive Book Collection Into Art And It Looks Breathtaking

Elizabeth Sagan is a huge book fan and first used her Instagram account to share her most favourite bits and pieces. Things escalated quickly after she started making selfies with her bookcases, noticing that books actually look interesting, too. As time went by the idea evolved into a beautiful concept, and now Elizabeth creates complex symbols and pictures using her vivid imagination and a huge collection of books.



The world of books is inhabited by all kinds of creatures – demons, angels, warriors, dragons, unicorns, and whatnot. The list is endless!



Books let you do whatever you want without even leaving your room! That’s the power of imagination we’re talking about here.



Remember King Midas who could turn everything into gold with his touch and then couldn’t even eat because of it? That’s a bummer.

Artist uses the colours of book covers to create her majestic works.



What would you do if it started raining books? Use a book umbrella, of course!



If you could create a world of your own, what would it be like? Books certainly can help you with that.

Go up high and touch the stars.



The way artist uses colours is simply amazing!



Sometimes you don’t need to invent everything from scratch – there are symbols that will never go out of trend. Like this gorgeous Yin-Yang!

Hela, is that you? Apparently, you can even do cosplay with books only! And a little bit of good makeup.



It would be impossible to get bored with a guy filled with such mighty literary prowess.



What kind of books does a Supergirl read? Probably something about making this world a better place.

Books can tell you lots of things about love, relationships, and all kinds of romances.



This is reminiscent of both “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Game of Thrones”.



The composition of this piece along with smart use of book colours makes this image extremely pleasant to look at.

Sometimes you just want to play with the books outside. How did the artist place the books like that – using strings, maybe?



If you find yourself lost in the labyrinth of your mind – just read a book!