Before & After: 10 Hot Emo Dudes From 2000s You Won’t Recognize Today

People change all the time – there’s no big news in that. But with celebrities we often forget that they also change with time. They either outgrow some styles, or simply change it to a new one that suits them best. Our favorite emo dudes from 2000s have changed too! In fact, you will probably not recognize most of them now. Here are 10 before and after photos of handsome emo guys and their spectacular transformations.



Davey Havok from AFI
Davey Havok has definitely changed his appearance over the last decade. He went from a rock star to Mr. McDreamy and we can’t blame him for that – his new look is really cool too!



Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy
Millions of people were jumping like crazy during the live performance of Fall Out Boy with Pete Wentz rocking his hot emo look both on and off stage. But right now? He’s given up his red highlights in exchange for hair gel.

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco
If anything, Brendon’s style has gotten only more refined over the years. He gave up his bangs for coif and now looks like a real gentleman. We have to admit that his new look is just stunning!



Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy
The Fall Out Boy guys rocked such iconic looks that it hurts to see them looking so different now. Yet when it comes to Patrick Stump, we can only applaud him for getting rid of those XL sideburns. Plus he looks really good in a fedora!

Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria
Some things just don’t change, do they? They just become better with each passing year. The same goes for the lead vocalist of Coheed and Cambria and his amazing hair. It seems that he rocks even more hair now than he used to back in the day!



Sonny Moore (AKA Skrillex) from From First To Last
Skrillex has definitely had more than just one session with a stylist – he looks so cool now! He ditched the hair on two sides of his face and went for a cool-looking haircut with hair being on just one side of his head. Well, it definitely works for him!

Benji And Joel Madden from Good Charlotte
These two superstars went from stylish emo to manly hip-hop with their style. They ditched the not-so-manly eyeliner and grew goatees, which do look incredibly hot if you want our opinion.

Quinn Allman from The Used
Quinn Allman went from a cute blondie to a baldie and we, along with thousands of his fans, really miss those blond locks.



Adam Lazzara from Taking back Sunday
Some people just age in such a perfect way! This is exactly what happened to Adam Lazzara. He has matured, ditched his long hair and became manlier than ever.

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance
This one we miss dearly. What happened to you, Gerard Way? The lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance is now 39 and he completely ditched his emo style with pale skin and eyeliner. But it looked really good on him!