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Before They Were Famous: 10 Filipino Celebrities Then & Now


If there’s one thing we all are kind of fascinated with – it’s celebrity transformations. Whether they lose or gain weight, change up their style, dye their hair, grow old or get plastic surgery, we all want to see the before and after picture. To be able to clearly see the difference, compare and contrast. There’s some sort of inexplicable satisfaction in being able to see how celebrities change throughout the course of their life. Plus it’s always fun to see pictures of celebs before they were famous. So let’s get started!



1.Angel Locsin
As you can see in the picture on the left, Angel Locsin didn’t always look as glamorous as she does now. But you can definitely sense her confidence even in that picture from her school years, she was destined for success.
What a transformation, am I right? Who would’ve known that the little boy on the left will grow up to be the famous from Black Eyed Peas. We wonder if that boy on the left had any idea about his future. He clearly had no clue what a style change he’s going to undergo in the future.

3.Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis was a very cute child (in the middle, on the picture on the left). As you can see, she grew up to become a beautiful woman. It’s always fun to see adorable girls blossom into gorgeous ladies.

4.Boy Abunda
Who knew the absence of hair could change a person’s appearance so much? Boy Abunda looks like a completely different person. The picture on the left could be anyone, you wouldn’t remember that person, but the picture on the right – now that’s the “king of talk” we all know.

5.Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera as a child was the sweetest, cutest looking little girl in the world, wasn’t she? These days, this beautiful lady is best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife. She’s a successful model and actress.

6.Vice Ganda
What a fabulous transformation, don’t you think? Who knew that the boy on the left would grow up to be a famous presenter, successful actor, recording artist, sarcastic comedian and the first openly gay endorser for Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

7.Raymond and Richard Gutierrez
Look how chuffed these little chubby boys look. They won their trophies and they know they’re meant for glory. Now Raymond is well known TV host, actor, editor and columnist, and his brother Richard is a famous actor and choreographer.

8.Iza Calzado
Iza was quite a chubby kid, but look at her now. Her success as a model, TV host and actress is proof that you can achieve anything if you work hard for it. This beautiful lady is an inspiration for us all.

9.Toni Gonzaga
Isn’t it funny that even on her childhood photo Toni is speaking into a microphone? Perhaps it was her fate to become famous. Now, at the age of 32, Toni is a successful Filipino singer, actress, TV host and comedian. This women can do it all. Don’t we all wish we could be that talented?

10.Megan Young
Megan was always a beautiful girl. A stunning princess since childhood. It’s like she was meant to wear a crown from the moment she was born. So it’s no surprise that she became Miss World in 2013. After all, she was clearly born to be a queen