Disney Princesses If They Were Indian Brides

A lot of us grew up on Disney films and have our favorite characters and stories. Many of us enjoyed dressing up as our favorite Disney Princess for Halloween, or just cause we could. Well what if we told you that you don’t have to stop doing that when you grow up? Sure it’ll probably look a bit silly if you wear a costume, but what if you just reimagined the Disney Princess dresses and made them look wearable but with a definite nod to Disney? What if you could look like a real Disney Princess on your wedding day? Newsflash – you totally can. Amrit Grewal, a photographer, actually did an amazing bridal photoshoot of where Indian brides looked like Disney Princesses. The idea was to show how Disney movies can influence whole generations across the globe and actually inspire multiple ethnicities aesthetics.



1. Belle
Look how enchanting Belle would look if her dress looked a bit more like a Saree, with all those beautiful gold embellishments and gorgeous jewelry. And do you recognize some of the other Beauty and the Beast characters on this picture? Take a look at the table. Doesn’t that candle stand look familiar? What about the clock and the tea set?



2. Pocahontas
Just look at that Pocahontas dress! Isn’t it a work of art? All those amazing flowing patterns and shimmery fabric. It looks nothing like the simple dress Pocahontas used to wear in the movie, yet it’s still recognizable. That background and the fire definitely add a bit of atmosphere to this photo, and the headpiece with feathers is a nice nod towards the original Pocahontas.

3. Snow White
It’s so awesome how the shape and style of Snow White’s dress is changed, but because the colors stay the same it’s incredibly easy to recognize her. This set also includes a beautiful tree with apples hanging off of it. All the Snow White symbolism. The only thing we’re missing are the 7 dwarfs.

4. Mulan
Such a princess, yet still such a warrior. This is such an amazing blend of cultures. Clearly the dress is styled to look like a saree, but there’s still Chinese elements to this look. The hair and makeup are still mostly traditionally Chinese and the sward and the column with dragons are a nice touch to emulate the setting of the movie.



5. Jasmine
Jasmine is looking good isn’t she? The setting for this photo was inspired by Sultan’s Palace in Aladdin. The outfit, again, looks nothing like the original, but the clever use of color and accessories makes it very obvious that you’re looking at Jasmine.

6. Cinderella
Classic Cinderella, running down the stairs from the ball, because the clock is about to strike 12 and she’s almost out of time. That’s definitely not a crystal slipper in her hand, and there’s no pumpkin carriage in sight, but the imagery and intent are crystal clear.

7. Aurora
Believe it or not, but the dress that the Sleeping Beauty is wearing cost $10 000. Not bad, right? Makes you wonder what all those beads and embellishments are made of. The background and set itself was apparently inspired by the Harrod’s window displays and they used thousands of little flowers and leaves to achieve this effect.



8. Ariel
Despite the lack of a seashell bra Ariel definitely turned out as the sexiest of all the brides. Instead she’s wearing a strapless sparkly little crop top and the blue Saree is clipped back from the knees down in order to emulate the mermaids tail.

9. Rapunzel
It’s impossible not to recognize Rapunzel. Her long flowing locks always give her away. But you’ll be surprised to know that in order to create that long braid they actually used rolled hay as the base and then decorated it with blonde hair extensions. Those pretty hair accessories are actually pieces of jewelry worth thousands of dollars. And that’s most surprising is that the floral background was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s flower wall.