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Dogs In Food Is Our New Favorite IG Account


It’s true to the point that it’s no longer a guilty pleasure – we waste most of our Saturdays and even days at the office scrolling through cute dogs on the internet, and have zero shame in that fact.



However, this bizarre account dogs_infood takes that mild animal obsession to the next level. It features dogs Photoshopped into a variety of dishes.

Everything you could imagine from Chihuahuas in a latte bath to puppy falafel balls and a baby pug blackberry is amazing. You’ll be torn over which image to make your phone background?

This account even has famous dog celebrities like @marniethedog and @popeyethefoodie . Not that many things successfully combine our love for decadent foods and adorable animals. Who needs any other food blogs or pup accounts when something like this exists?




While some of the designs are more in-your-face (a French bulldog dab in the middle of a pepperoni pizza) , others are subtle and will take a second to spot (dog camouflaged in the center of a cinnamon roll).

You can even message the artist to request a fun edit of your own pooch in a yummy dish. Which you would then have to hang in a larger than life framed photo in the most visible part of your home.

While this isn’t really groundbreaking work or an innovative social commentary, it does make our days a little brighter. And gives us an appetite as well!



The captions are quirky and cute just like the artwork, and if you don’t have a pupper already, this account will really make you rethink that decision ASAP.

So all in all, it confirms and celebrates two things: dogs are way better than people, and food blogs continue to make us literally salivate all over our keyboards.