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Emmy Awards 2015: The Most Memorable Moments


Emmy Awards 2015- The Most Memorable Moments 12015 Emmy’s were amazing. There were a lot of memorable moments and funny jokes we’d like to discuss. Let’s start with the host. Andy Samberg got to host the Emmys this year, and I think he did an excellent job!
Emmy’s are not that easy to organize. You’re required to make it funny, but you can’t make it too racy. It’s a thin line to walk. On one hand, if you follow all the rules the show will be predictable and boring, but, on the contrary, you don’t get the freedom just to break all the rules. Andy Samberg did an excellent job balancing that line. He made the show funny and exciting. His jokes ranged from funny skits to hilarious one-liners.

Emmy Awards 2015- The Most Memorable Moments 2His opening song was all too relatable, with all these shows and not enough time to watch them. Props to Andy for continuously managing to divert people’s attention to issues of racism and gender equality with his jokes. He ended his opening number by making a joke that the-the thing that makes him qualified to host the Emmys is that he watched every damn show, and he’s white.


In his monologue, he also joked about the wage and age gap between men and women hired for lead roles. He once again hinted that racism is still an issue by saying “This is the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history. Congratulations Hollywood, you did it. Racism is over. Don’t fact check that.”


Now let’s talk about the ceremony itself and who won what. John Hamm finally won an Emmy for Mad Man. After eight years of waiting and 16 nominations, it was about time. Game of Thrones took home a record number of Emmy awards. The show was nominated for 24 and won 12! It’s the most awards any show has ever won in a year! Jeffrey Tambor, 71, won an Emmy for Transparent, a show about a transgender woman and her family. He is the oldest person to take the prize.

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This year’s Emmys was also a great day for women! Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for best actress. Her acceptance speech was emotional, stirring, and thought to provoke. She started the speech by saying “The only thing separating the women of colour from anyone else is an opportunity. You can not win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.” I couldn’t agree more, we need more lead roles for all woman, but especially for women of color. Uzo Adubo also won an Emmy for her role in Orange Is The New Black and Regina King won an award for American Crime.

Amy Schumer won an Emmy too. Her speech was surprisingly serious and honest. She did, however, give a hilarious shout out to the girl who did her makeup, and thanked her for giving her this ‘sort of smokey eye’. It looked like she was surprised and honoured about getting the Emmy. Amy’s new best friend Jennifer Lawrence congratulated her via text and then sent a bunch of balloons to her hotel room.

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