Everything You Need To Know About The Royal Wedding

The second Royal Wedding in recent history happened over the weekend, on May 19th 2018. Prince Harry is now married to Meghan Markle, so all those who were still hoping to become a princess by marrying him – settle down, he’s taken. It also turned out that it’s not as easy to become a princess as you might’ve imagined, but we’ll tell you about that a bit later. Now, if you’re interested in all the important details of the royal wedding, what was the event like, who attended, what happened and who wore what – keep reading.



1. The Couple
So by now we know that it was Prince Harry, everyone’s favourite prince, and Meghan Markle, the Hollywood sweetheart known for her role on Suits, who got married. That’s hardly a surprise for anyone. But contrary to popular belief, marrying a prince didn’t make Meghan a princess, but it did make her a royal. In fact, from now on the couple will be addressed as Their Royal Highness Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Don’t ask how that happened, it’s a complicated process, and the short easy answer to that is just “the Queen decided so”.



2. The Outfits
As it is customary for royal weddings – Prince Harry wore his military uniform and looked quite dashing, but everyone expected that. Meghan’s dress, however, was a topic of conversation and gossip for months before the wedding, and by some sort of miracle they managed to keep that a secret until the actual wedding day. She wore a white silk dress designed by a British designer Clare Waight Keller, a gorgeous 5 meter long veil that featured hand embroidered flowers from all 53 commonwealth countries, and specially made shoes based on a Givenchy design, but made of silk duchess satin.


3. The Bling
Meghan accessorized with a Cartier bracelet and earrings. Her veil was held in place by Queen Mary’s diamond and platinum bandeau tiara, made in 1932. The tiara also had a detachable brooch with 10 diamonds in the center. Her wedding bouquet was designed by Philippa Craddock and featured forget-me-nots, because that was princess Diana’s favorite flower. Prince Harry also hand picked some flowers in the Kensington Palace garden, which were included in the bouquet as well.


4. The Invitations
The wedding invitations were made by Barnard Westwood, as that has been a tradition since 1985. They were quite symbolic and used American black and gold ink on English card. The invitation were printed on a machine from the 1930’s using a process called dye stamping, then burnished to bring out the shine and gilded around the edges.



5. The Famous Guests
While we’re on the topic of invitations we thought it would be a good time to mention a couple of famous people who attended the wedding, you know apart from all the members of the royal family. The most exciting guest in our opinion was Oprah. It’s not clear if she’s someone’s actual friend, or if she was invited to represent America. I mean, she is the equivalent of royalty in America, so it makes sense. Sir Elton John also attended the wedding, as did James Corden, Priyanka Chopra, Idris Elba, David and Victoria Beckham, Serena Williams with her husband, Amal and George Clooney and even the cast of Suits.


6. The Ceremony
The wedding ceremony took place in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle at 12pm. Harry and Meghan were the 16th royal couple who had the pleasure and honor of getting married there. The place fit 800 guests, and with all the decorations and flowers in place it looked absolutely stunning. Sidenote, did you know that in order for Harry to get married the Queen has to sign an official document called the Instrument of Consent, which grants her grandson permission to marry his fiancé? She did that a week before the wedding.


7. The Rings
Meghan’s wedding band, as tradition will have it, was made from Welsh Gold gifted to her by the Queen. Harry went for a textured platinum band. Both rings were made by London’s Cleave & Company, which is also the place that made Meghan’s engagement ring.


8. The Cake
Usually royal wedding feature a multi-tiered fruit cake, that’s not even eaten at the wedding. Instead it’s given to guests to take home after the wedding. This time, however, the royal couple decided to break tradition. They went for a lemon elderflower cake, that wasn’t tiered, but incorporated of the best flavors of spring. It was made by Violet Bakery’s Claire Ptak, who was featured on Meghan’s blog The Tig a couple of years prior. The cake was also decorated with flowers – branches of beech, birch and hornbeam, white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves picked from the gardens of Crown Estate and Windsor Park.