Famous Brand Logos Replaced With Female Figures

Women’s Day wasn’t too long ago, and this year generally has been a driving force in feminism and women taking their notes from the guys, anymore. We’re here to make our own rules and inspire our little sisters, nieces, and daughters.



Creative Equals is an organization aiming to empower women and promote diversity across industries, and this year for Women’s Day, they decided to replace famous brand logos with female iterations, proving that girls really can run the world.

The aim of this project is to highlight gender inequality in business – the Creative Equals CEO Alil Hanan stated that a massive 89.5% of design directors are male, and that has a clear, toxic effect on the resulting logos and correlating brand identity. Especially if you’re a woman!

We hope this cute project inspires the next generation of female design directors who can hopefully make some of these logo remixes come to life, within the next century.



Some of the public is offended by the logos interpretation of what a woman looks like, but we’re all about the baby steps, and we bet that Creative Equals is very open to some constructive criticism.

They gave the Pringles man an update by swapping out a weird toupee and moustache for pretty pink lipstick, better eyelashes and a ponytail. Don’t worry, they still kept the famous red bowtie! Outfits don’t discriminate.

We also love the Mr. Bic update where everything stays the same except the subtle popping of two pigtails. She looks like a future Oxford grad student to us!



Another subtle but very topical logo update in regards to the #timesup and #metoo movement is the transformation of Mr. Oscar to Miss. Oscar. His boxy muscles are turned into sloping curves. Women are the heroes of award shows, anyway, with all the frustrating things they need to put up with, right?

What do you think? Are these logo remixes a little extremist or are they the perfect and celebration of feminism for you?