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Freckles – Brock Elbank’s Striking Portraits


Photographer Brock Elbank has a knack for capturing the exotic – the unusually beautiful. The rare side of beauty that isn’t as unblemished or symmetrical as the side that the media presents us with. They’re bold, they’re intense, and they’re breathtaking – these freckled models are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, with these ethnically diverse and incredible faces finally getting the spotlight they deserve, up-close ad raw. The little spots that some might see as flaws are shows in all their glory, and the subjects are unreal.



This speckled babe rocks red in an unbelievable way – and her eyebrows on point.



Wow – his freckles or his gorgeous eyes? We don’t know where to look on this hottie, but we know that we’re into it.

This little boy is gonna have all the chicks swooning someday – his face is covered in the little brown dot, which scatter to below his neck – and the intensity of his gaze makes it hard to look away.

Wow – we would kill for those curls! He looks at us with confidence and pride – if we had those locks, we would too.




Ok – this freckled “Castaway” lookalike may have been stranded on an agent for a little too long, but we’re still into it. His eyes almost match the color of his freckles – there’s more bronzy red that anyone else on this list.

Loving her tousled hair, surfer-girl vibe. She looks relaxed and carefree, and her freckles shower her upper chest and arms, giving her an unbeatable glow.

This beauty is giving us pure she-power, with her warrior profile and long braid. Her body is covered in the little golden dots, and if anyone ever bullied her for it, they’re probably pretty jealous now.



Finally, a little smile! Her bright blue eyes contrasted with her lovely natural hair makes her freckled cheeks almost look like artfully applied blush – freckles are nature’s natural makeup, and this queen is rocking it.

OMG. We don’t know where this babe came from, or what 11 ethnicities he is, but we don’t know why he’s not in 1 Direction because we want this gorgeous face bombarding our eyes at all times.

Getting mega Pocahontus vibes from this goddess. Her long straight black hair complements the dense spattering on her nose which only accentuates her pretty features.



We have an instinct that this girl has a natural courage – she looks at us and almost challenges us to accept her – the glance of a hardened life through being bullied about her looks, but we hope she recognizes how stunning she is.

While we’re grateful for all the luscious locks on this list, we appreciate this maiden’s close cut – so we can focus on her radiant face. We’re loving the gap-tooth and the various sizes and shapes of her freckles. So much to adore.