Game of Thrones: 7 Awesome Rumors About the New Season

Winter is coming, but it’s still a long way to the premiere of season 7. As we are venturing deeper into the unknown territory that’s not been covered by the books, fans are getting more and more speculative as to what will happen next. As usual, only Mr. Martin knows for sure, and probably some of the screenwriters of the show. After Cersei’s stunt with the wildfire and the High Sept that has taken the lives of dozens of seemingly ‘key’ characters, we understood that everything was possible. Even Jon Snow coming back from the dead. Oh, wait, that has already happened.



Dany’s about to arrive to Westeros
We’ve been waiting so long for this to happen! At the end of the last season Daenerys and her mighty fleet headed out to Westeros, and rumor has it that we won’t need to survive through numerous episodes of her journey – she’ll arrive to Dragonstone in the very first episode of the new season!
Game of Thrones 7 Awesome Rumors about the New Season1

Jon will meet Dany early on
Fans have speculated a great deal about the non-existent relationships between Jon and Dany. For a brief moment there everyone thought that the destined meeting would never happen (with Jon being dead, you know), but then the light of hope shone over the Game of Thrones fans as Jon came back to life and Daenerys set out to Westeros. Many believe that not only will the two of them actually meet, but that it will happen as soon as the second episode hits the screens.
Game of Thrones 7 Awesome Rumors about the New Season2



Bloodthirsty Daenerys
The Mother of the Dragons might be as straightforward and bloodthirsty as many rulers before her. It’s believed that she will start conquering King’s Landing by meeting with lords and other people of power, but she’ll get tired of these games soon enough and will try to take over the city with the brutal force of her mighty dragons. As tempting as that sounds, Tyrion will probably try to stop her by giving wise sarcastic advice as he usually does it.
Game of Thrones 7 Awesome Rumors about the New Season3

Littlefinger’s demise
As much as we are fond of the witty Petyr Baelish, it’s hard to deny the fact that the man is walking on thin ice. Because of his negligence and petty games Sansa was taken by Ramsay and suffered a great deal. Littlefinger is like a double agent with his own agenda, and sooner rather than later he will be caught. Rumor has it that the now powerful Sansa (with her brother being the King in the North and all) will find out about Littlefinger’s relationships with Cersei and will sentence him to death for relaying sensitive information to the Queen on the Iron Throne.
Game of Thrones 7 Awesome Rumors about the New Season8

Jorah will survive
Yes, Jorah has made many mistakes in his lifetime, but his undying love to Daenerys and his loyalty to her have been too moving and sincere to just let him die like that from a hideous disease. It is speculated that Jorah Mormont will end up in Old Town, the same place where Sam Tarley went to get his ‘master’s degree’. Together they will work on a cure for greyscale and, hopefully, will save the brave knight so he could stand by Dany’s side once again.
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We’ll have more flashbacks
There are lots of blank spots in the history of Westeros and its prominent people. We believe that viewers will finally get a glimpse at Rhaegar and Lyanna’s relationships. It’s only natural after all the speculations about Jon Snow being a Targaryen. We’ll need some solid proof of that! And because Jon will soon meet Dany, it would be wise to make a flashback about his true origins.
Game of Thrones 7 Awesome Rumors about the New Season6

The Death of a Dragon
In the course of the last season we were made painfully aware of just how powerful the White Walkers are. They are a great threat to the whole Westeros and will stop at nothing to conquer it. The Night’s King knows how to raise dead people, so why not do it to a dragon? Rumor has it that Dany will show up to rescue Jon, but before she succeeds, one of her own ‘children’ will turn into a different kind of monster. This may very well be the moment when the Wall finally falls.