Glowing Illustrator from Bulgaria

You know when you meet someone that has the indescribable type of glow about them? Well, that radiance is no longer reserved for humans. Bulgarian illustrator Angel Ganev creates that glow just with pencils in his drawings.



He can draw lighting into his work in a way that is almost eerily ethereal, creating a mood that was once thought impossible in illustration. He can translate the feeling of a season and coziness like no other.



In a way, it looks like part of the illustration is jumping out. He can highlight the smoke from a cigarette or tea coming off a hot cup of tea.


Even the dark or light silhouette of a person’s profile can help us discern a sunset from a sunset. Even shading can make a world of difference. These works look like they were digitally altered by some magic, but it’s just Ganev’s pure talent shining through.


He infuses a sense of humanity in all of his portraits and characters, turning a 2D illustration to life in the most stunning way ever.



He turns normal girls to goddesses and mystical creatures, appreciating women as the magical beings that they are.


Ganev has gained a massive following of 210,000 followers and refers to himself an entertaining, sociopath and painter. You can even DM him for prints and commissions.


The black and white illustrations are one thing, but the colorful plays on light make subjects look hyper real, and almost as if it were a photograph.



Even the illustrations with no people take our breath away – his inspired take on the Aurora Northern Lights for instance, really capture the swirling fantasy galaxy vibe.


If @angelganev can do such impressive work with just pencils, we wonder what he could do with a paintbrush and full palette. The ability to evoke emotion with just a pencil is tough work, but this illustrator has flawlessly nailed it.