Golden Globes 2015: The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed CelebritiesWe are thrilled to announce that the cinematic award season has finally begun! The stars dazzled us on the red carpet at the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards. Beauty and glamour just sizzled! Many celebrities wowed with their fabulous and jaw-dropping designer fashions, while others surprised us with their less-than-perfect looks. Check out this gallery of the best and worst dressed celebs who strolled down Golden Globe’s red carpet.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities1. Best: Kate Hudson 
Wow! The actress was an absolute show-stopped in that revealing Versace cut-out dress. She looked drop dead gorgeous and incredibly sexy. No wonder dozens just couldn’t take their eyes of Kate.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities2. Worst: Rosamund Pike
Unfortunately, the star made a mistake when she decided to rock that Vera Wang gown, it didn’t flatter her body well. The skirt looked pretty gorgeous, but the top was too loose.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities3. Best: Jenna Dewan-Tatum
The starlet rocked the beautiful Carolina Herrera gown. She did it really great. Jenna looked absolutely gorgeous, stylish, and sexy at the same time. Her dark locks perfectly underlined the dress.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities4. Worst: Katie Cassidy
Seems like the beauty tried to look hot and stylish, but she just went too far. The low top and high slit didn’t work together. Maybe those silver lines also spoiled the look.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities5. Best: Amy Adams
Amy Adams looked like a queen in the gorgeous soft blue Versace gown. The actress managed to pair elegance and glamour, she did it really great. No doubt her look is worth admiring.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities6. Worst: Kate Mara
We are sure that Kate could look much better on the red carpet. The Miu Miu gown the starlet rocked just didn’t fit her. That belt made things even worse. Hope she will find something really stunning next time.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities7. Best: Salma Hayek
The actress amazed everyone with her fabulous Alexander McQueen gown. She looked absolutely WOW. The dress seems simple, but the textured fabric makes it really special. It’s probably one of Salma Hayek’s best looks ever. Agree?

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities8. Worst: Kerry Washington
Kerry undoubtedly has a good fashion sense. It’s hard to believe that she appeared looking this way. The dress design seems ok, but the combination of that color and fabric is definitely a mistake.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities9. Best: Anna Kendrick
What a fabulous dress choice! Ann Kendrick looked like a princess from a fairy tale in the Monique Lhuillier gown. Elegant, gorgeous, stunning. No doubt she was one of the best dressed stars on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities10. Worst: Lena Dunham
It’s easy to fall in love with Lena Dunham, but not with this dress. The eccentric star looked kinda weird and frumpy in this Zac Posen gown. What do you actually think about her choice?

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities11. Best: Quvenzhane Wallis
It’s hard not to mention this 11-year-old starlet. She looked amazingly beautiful and cute on the Golden Globes red carpet. Her dress was awesome and appropriate for her young age.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities12. Worst: Keira Knightley
The beauty was dressed in Chanel. Now one thing we know for sure, Keira loves butterflies. But her entire image was just too much. Is this gown actually appropriate for red carpet events? The actress could look much better.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities13. Best: Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t stop wowing us with her unusual and stunning fashion choices. This time the starlet rocked the fabulous Giambattista Valli gown. She looked really amazing. Just wow!

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities14. Worst: Heidi Klum
Seems Heidi Klum just can’t hit the red carpet without looking hot and sexy. But this time the beauty overdid. The Versace dress she chose seemed too tight and didn’t really look that great on the actress.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities15. Best: Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne proves one more time that she has turned into a startling beauty. That way she hit the red carpet was absolutely awesome. She looked stylish and glamorous. Her camera clutch stole our hearts.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities16. Worst: Lana Del Rey
We are sure that Lana knows hot to dazzle on the red carpet. But what was she thinking about when she decided to pull off that mermaid dress? She looked weird and not that gorgeous as we are used to see her.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities17. Best: Emma Stone
We adore the way Emma Stone looked on the red carpet. She was dressed in the Lanvin jumpsuit and looked stylish and stunning. Her bob haircut perfectly complimented the image. Do you like it?

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities18. Worst: Tina Fey
We were surprised to see Tina Fey looking this way. That pear shaped dress simply hid all her perfections and didn’t flatter her figure at all. Of course, we love Tina, but not this look.

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities19. Best: Julianne Moore
What a surprising dress choice! This time Julianne Moore experimented with fashion and did it really great. She picked up the sparkling and pretty extravagant Givenchy gown and looked fantastic. We do like her choice!

Golden Globes 2015 - The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities20. Worst: Claire Danes
Claire Danes experimented with fashion too, but her experiment didn’t work well. She picked up the extravagant Valentino gown, but didn’t really look that great. The dress had too many prints and didn’t flatter the star’s body shape.