Gorgeous Photography That You Might Be Missing Out On

Do you like autumn but maybe you’re not huge on the whole spooky Halloween esthetic. Do you feel like you’re missing some seriously beautiful shots of autumn nature in your Instagram feed? Well then you should probably follow Sandra on Instagram. Her pictures are phenomenal and she’s really good at capturing the mood in her photos. We were especially inspired by her fall photos and would like to share a couple of shots with you.



1. A very interesting tunnel vision shot. Get inspired and try something similar next time you’re out for a walk in the park.



2. Bright red leaves are such a stark contrast to the moody dark shades. Autumn is very much like this, don’t you think?



3. A shot similar to the first one, but has a very different mood to it. Loving those dark shadows and trees in the distance.


4. A simple yet elegant way to proclaim your love for autumn.



5. Playing with reflections in the water can be way more fun than Photoshop.


6. A dreamy shot in the woods. Who wouldn’t want a photo like this in their collection.



7. A happy pop of color in the dark menacing place. What a simple yet creative photo.



8. Don’t you just love how the beautiful orange leaves fade into the foggy distance?


9. A very dramatic photo, but the colors are so beautiful.



10. Did anyone else think of Totoro when they saw this photo?


11. It’s the perfect season for a romantic photoshoot in the forest. Hurry up before it’s too late.



12. A yellow raincoat is pretty much inevitable this autumn.



13. Such a gorgeous photo, but makes you wonder what his photo looks like, or is it just me?


14. How does this look so chilly and yet so warm at the same time?



15. Dreamy autumn forest shots are my kryptonite. Makes you want to drop everything and go for a nice walk in the forest.