Here’s What 12 Celebs Would Look Like If Their Faces Were Combined

Celebrities are gorgeous. There’s no way around it. They’re just extraordinary pretty people who were gifted with this beauty thanks to their genetics and probably a lot of hard work at the gym. We admire them, envy them, fall in love with them. We love speculating which one of them is hotter and comparing them to one another. There’s even websites and apps that let you morph their faces together to speculate what their babies would look like. But what if we could cherry pick features and create a mix of our two favorite celebs? Have you ever wondered what a mix of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox would look like? Would she be a superwoman? What if you could create a man who look both like Jensen Ackles and Tom Hiddleston? Wouldn’t that be perfect? Well, this is your chance to find out!



1. Brad Pitt and Ethan Hawke
It’s hard to tell where Brad ends and Ethan begins, but this man does look quite dashing, if a bit german, don’t you think?



2. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox
Both of these women were described as the most beautiful or the hottest, yet look what a beauty they create when combined. Now that’s truly gorgeous.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen
Still looks like Mads mostly, but the eyes, those eyes look right through you. Makes us wonder who’s accent would this man have.

4. Taylor Swift and Emma Watson
Never really thought of these two at the same time, did you? But here you go, what an incredible outcome. This lady could rule the world.



5. Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson
Ever wondered what Barack Obama would look like if he hit the gym more and grew some intense muscle, or The Rock grew some hair? Well now you know.

6. Elsa Hosk and Natalie Dormer
Elsa Hosk and Natalie Dormer are both very attractive women, but look what happens if you morph them into one. One word – perfection.

7. Jensen Ackles and Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston is already a very charming man, but because of his elegant features he can look quite boyish. Now add a bit of Jensen Ackles manliness to the mix and you’ve got yourself a badass.



8. Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson
Did you also think Scarlett Johansson was perfect and the epitome of femininity? Well, look what happens when you add a bit of Elizabeth Olsen to the mix.

9. Lee Pace and Benedict Cumberbatch
A lot of women have a crush on Lee Pace and even more on Benedict Cumberbatch. You’d think the combination of the two would look great, but honestly, this looks a bit weird, doesn’t it?

10. Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson
There was a lot of rivalry between Harry Potter fans and those who liked Twilight. But who knew that if those worlds were to collide it would result in such beauty.



11. Colin Farrell and Arnold Schwarzenegger
To be honest, despite Arnold’s bulging muscles we’ve never considered him to be that attractive. But it looks like adding a bit of Terminator to Colin Farrell would actually look quite good.

12. Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy
Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy already look a bit like each other, but when you combine that much perfection in one man – wow!