Here’s What the Kids of ‘Stranger Things’ Actually Look Like In Real Life

Stranger things have pretty much taken over the world this year. It took couple of cute kids, a lot of 80’s nostalgia, a bit of mystery and now we’re all hooked. Everyone is elated over the fact that there will definitely be a season two, and lots of people are speculating about what did the end of season one mean and what can we expect after this. It’s a pretty amazing show if you ask me. The creators and actors managed to set the tone of the show perfectly, and all the fashion, props, references and even the way everyone speaks is very 80s. But here’s the funny thing – the cast of kids from Stranger Things have no idea what it was like in the 80s, after all, they weren’t even born yet. They have no clue what life was life without smartphones and Internet. So taking this into consideration we thought it would be interesting to see what the kids of Stranger Things actually look like in real life.



Eleven – Millie Bobby Brown
Eleven captivated us with her mysterious story and superpowers, but what do we know about the actress who played her. Millie Bobby Brown is actually a British actress and is only 12, which means she was probably 11 when she was cast for the role, isn’t that cute? She knew she wanted to be an actress from a very early age, and while she has appeared in a handful of other movies, and TV shows, this was her first lead role and it’s been a great success. Funny fact – Millie’s parents were at first worried about her shaving off all of her hair, since they thought it might be difficult to get any other roles, but Millie soldiered on, and clearly that was the right decision, 11 is coming back in season 2!



Mike – Finn Wolfhard
Mike is definitely an adorable character and his relationship with 11 had us going “awww” so many times throughout the show, but let’s talk about the child actor who played him. Finn Wolfhard is only 13, he’s Canadian and he’s already appeared in a couple of independent movies, a few hit TV shows like Supernatural and The 100. He’s clearly drawn to the world of fantasy and supernatural thriller drama. In fact, he’s been offered a role in the new IT movie, the new adaptation of a Stephen King novel, which is a huge deal! More power to you, Finn, you got this.

Lucas – Caleb Mclaughlin
Lucas was a controversial character in the show. We all were sort of surprised by his reaction to 11 and how he treated her at first. But by the end we were happy to see his mindset change. Caleb Mclaughlin, the actor who played Lucas, is 15, and he’s already got quite a filmography under his belt. He’s appeared in 8 different TV shows, a short film and he’s even performed on Broadway! He played Young Simba in Broadway’s Lion King back in 2012-2014. Apart from being a great actor this kid is also a pretty amazing dancer, after all he studied dance in the Harlem School of the Arts, under the famous Aubrey Lynch, who’s a former producer of the Lion King and the director of Dance at HSA.

Dustin – Gaten Matarazzo
Dustin is pretty much the cutest character on the show. The goofy, curly, adorable kid, with a big heart and a wisdom that’s far ahead of his age, you can’t help but go into cuteness overload every time you see him. Dustin is played by Gaten Matarazzo, who’s a 14 year old actor from New Jersey. Gaten actually started out his career on Broadway. He portrayed Benji in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and he played Gavroche / Petit Gervais in Les Miserables in 2014. In terms of screen time, before Stranger Things he’s been on an episode of The Blacklist and he’s been in a Taylor Swift music video. Apart from cute curls and a charming personality that he shares with his character Dustin, Gaten also has cleidocranial dysplasia, and it was actually his idea to add the line explaining what it is in the TV Show.



Will – Noah Schnapp
Will gets snatched into the Upside Down at the beginning of the show and we only see snippets of him trying to survive there throughout the 8 episodes of Stranger Things. However, spoiler alert, when he gets back his life isn’t the same anymore. We’re all anxiously waiting to see what happens to him next, in season 2, which is set to be released in 2017. Noah Schnapp, the actor who played Will is only 12, like his character, but he’s already done pretty big things career wise. He’s the voice of Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Movie and he voiced the same character in the game. He appeared in the Bridge of Spies, and he’s also got quite a big appearance in Panic! At The Disco’s music video LA Devotee.

Nancy – Natalia Dyer
Mike’s sister Nancy seemed like such a goody two shoes at the beginning, and we were sure that with her newfound popularity and a super hot boyfriend would become one of the mean popular kids. However, she surprised us with her will to stay on the good side and always choose to help those in need. Natalia Dyer is a 19 year old American actress, originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s appeared in 10 movies so far, which is quite impressive for someone so young. Her first role, believe it or not, was alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Steve – Joe Keery
Steve is the popular kid, the hot guy everyone has a crush on at school. He seems decent, but his popularity and his not so nice friends make him act like a bit of a jackass on occasion. However we were all shocked to see him grow and evolve towards the end of season 1. Joe Keery, the guy who plays Steve Harrington, is an actor and a musician. Stranger Things is his first major breakthrough, but he’s also appeared on Empire and Chicago Fire. He also appeared in a KFC commercial. He plays drums in a band called Post Animal, and considers that to be his full time job. He also often confused with Ben Schwartz, from Parks and Rec, cause he looks a lot like him.



Jonathan – Charlie Heaton
Jonathan, Will’s big brother is portrayed like quite a big looser at the beginning of the show, but he goes on to great things, doesn’t he? Jonathan is actually played by an English actor and musician Charlie Heaton. He’s been a drummer of Comanechi, a British noise rock band for over a year and toured with them. His first role was in a British crime drama DCI Banks. He’s had episodic roles in a couple of British TV shows and he’s appeared in a few movies, including a role in Shut In, alongside Naomi Watts.

Barbara Holland – Shannon Purser
Shannon Purser is a young and talented American actress. Actually by portraying intelligent and outspoken Barb, Shannon made her television debut. This role brought her to fame and success. Despite Purser being a minor character, the critics gave her high marks and many Stranger Things fans called Barb one of their favorite characters.