Horrible Things Celebrities Have Done

Many celebrities are seen as rich and successful, but even they do things that set a bad example for all of their fans. Money often spoils people, and leads to crazy car rides, drug abuse and big parties. These are just some of the few common mishaps celebrities make – read them here.



1. Jay Z stabbed Rivera
He is one of the most successful rappers, but his life has not always been quiet. Jay Z was in a bit of a trouble with his wife recently (that was a great album by Beyonce). He started selling CDs before founding his own label. Later on, Jay Z released The Life And Times Of S. Carter which was “stolen” by Lance “Un” Rivera. When Jay Z met Rivera, he stabbed him out of anger. The injury was not very serious, so the thief recovered quickly. Jay Z denied involvement in the beginning but pleaded guilty and got a 3-year probation instead of 15 years in prison. Sometimes being rich and famous does have its advantages!



2. Winona Ryder Caught Shoplifting
While people usually steal things they cannot afford, celebrities caught shoplifting make a big story. Winona Ryder stole around $5k worth of goods from a luxury designer store. It’s impossible to consider this case an act of kleptomania, as the actress took clothes to the fitting room and cut the tags off. It was a stupid move, as she was a regular customer at that store. The jury didn’t believe her story about getting into a role and she was found guilty.

3. Caitlyn Jenner Killed A Woman
As a celebrity, you can easily afford not only an expensive car but also a personal driver. If Caitlyn Jenner had such a service, she might have avoided the car crash which caused the death of Kim Howe. Jenner was towing a trailer with an Escalade and allegedly caused a pile-up. One of the women involved in the accident is suing the celebrity for causing the crash, but there is no evidence supporting it.

4. Steve Jobs Denied His Baby
Steve Jobs’ biography both in writing and in film is quite interesting. His life had a big influence on his company and his personality. Jobs was a moody person, which can be clearly seen in his relationships with women. When he was dating Chrisann Brennan, they were living together but sleeping in separate bedrooms. The relationship ended when Chrisann became pregnant with Lisa. Steve Jobs denied any relation to Lisa, trying to prove it in court. It wasn’t a great move on his side, as Lisa had to grow up on welfare while Jobs was a millionaire at the time. He rebuilt his relationship with his daughter, but only after the court told him to do so.

5. Sean Penn Beat Madonna
The marriage between these two celebrities was a while ago, but the details revealed are pretty terrifying. Madonna claimed that Sean Penn hit her on the head with a baseball bat and then beat her up for another 9 hours. Madonna described their relationship as “fiery with heated arguments”. Recently, it has come to light that apparently the allegations were not true and there was no criminal complaint. It still unclear who is right as the witnesses give a very different statement.

6. Chris Brown Attacked Rihanna
Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship started as a Hollywood fairytale – they teamed up for a music project, became friends, and fell in love. The romance started to wear off after Rihanna found some sexts to other women and Brown attacked her during a following argument resulting in that infamous mugshot. The occasional violence continued and Rihanna went to court. Chris Brown didn’t get any jail time, yet he was asked to stay away from Rihanna. A couple of years later, they were seen together. Maybe the old flame still burns?

7. Hugh Grant Caught With A Prostitute
This story happened 20 years ago, but tabloids still remember Hugh Grant being caught with a prostitute. The incident happened in LA where Grant decided to take a walk before a film promotion. He faced up to 6 months in jail, but was ordered to pay $1k and go on an education program. Later on, he issued an official apology for his actions. Naturally, his relationship with his wife became sour. They eventually split up, but probably for different reasons.