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The Most Iconic TV Couples


Brenda and Dylan (Beerly Hills, 90210) - The Most Iconic TV Couples Brenda&Dylan (Beverley Hills, 90210)
Rebellious teen relationships. Do you remember yourself at 16? When you first met your dream person, your first love. When you started to date almost immediently and love was a pure chemistry for you. It was new, intense and frankly an ackward feeling for you. And a kiss meant more than sex. So, Brenda and Dylan are a brilliant example of such a couple. Their love story is furious, passionate and rebillious.


David and Maddy (detective agencie Moonlight) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesDavid&Maddy (Detective Agencie Moonlight)
Adventures and relationships. When opposites meet there can be a big explosion of feelings. Maddy is smart, serious, self-confident and a chic former model. David is smart, not serious, charismatic and a fun-loving detective. They are completely different in their life-styles, but they decide to run a detective agency together. And it is the beginning of a funny, adventurous and unexpected relationship.

Dough and Carol (ER) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesDoug &Carol (ER)
Unforgettable but failed relationships. Love makes you happy, love inspires you and gives you wings. But also love hurts, and sometimes it hurts too much. Doctor Doug Ross is smart, witty, charming and beautiful, he is just perfect! And the world around Doug and Carol seems to be a fairy tail, but then their romance failed. And Carol has made a suicide attempt…


Blair and Chuck  (Gossip Girl) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesBlair&Chuck (Gossip Girl)
We are King and Queen relationships. Chuck and Blair are both members of upper-class wealthy families. They are saucy, spoiled, selfish and proud. They both want to be on the top always and forever. It would seem their relationships won’t have a happy ending, but an unfortunate event may become a Godsend and Chuck and Blair got happily married in the end.


Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesBuffy&Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Bangle relationships. “Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple (and as difficult as that”) Exactly! But what if you love him and he loves you… but you never can be together? Then it’s called “Bangel”!


Penny and Leonard (TBBT) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesPenny&Leonard (TBBT)
Nerd and hot chick relationship. This is a classic story of a shy, but smart guy and a smoking hot blonde girl. Penny is a dream girl next door and Leonard is a typical nerd. But thanks to his wit, charm and lovely shyness he wins Penny’s heart at last.

Scully and Mulder (X-Files) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesScully&Mulder (X-Files)
Never mix business and a relationship. It’s clear that nothing is clear between these two. For Many seasons Mulder and Scully continuously made the X-Files audience wait fot the break-throug in their relationship. To tell the truth it is much more interesting to observe the chemistry between Mulder and Scully than actually to watch the initial TV-show plot’s development.


Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesDoctor&Rose (Doctor Who)
Fanfic relationships. Every superhero needs a beautiful woman to inspire him for new deeds. The Doctor was broken and frightened of himself and what he could do. And when all hope seemed to be lost he met Rose. And powerful feeling of love inspired him to revive. The Doctor came back and realized that he still was able to save the Earth from the space criminals.



Dany and Drogo (Game of Thrones) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesDany&Drogo (Game of Thrones)
Beauty and the beast relationship. Drago is a wild, powerful and feared warlord of 40 000 warriors. Dany is a strong and amazingly beautiful young woman. She doesn’t want to marry him but she doesn’t have a choice. At first Dany is afraid of Drogo but later she sincerely falls in love with him. She understands that behind Drogo’s back she can live as safely as behind a stone wall.


Kurt and Blane (Glee) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesKurt&Blane (Glee)
Playful relationship. At first Kurt and Blane were just friends, but their friendship developed greatly. Then they decided where they wanted their relationship to go and became lovers. Then there were cheating and a break up. And along comes a beautiful reunion and a proposal. And all this in the best traditions of Broadway musicals!


Agent Cooper and Annie (Twin Peaks) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesAgent Cooper&Annie (Twin Peaks)
Mystic and love. When a man is ready to loose his soul to save his beloved woman it means a lot. Away with words, because here the deeds speak louder than words. My advice – rewatch this amazing TV series and you’ll get a lot of pleasure.

Hannah and Adam (Girls) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesHannah&Adam (Girls)
Crazy in love. Hanna and Adam are crazy for each other. But the thing is they are young, talented and actually crazy ones. It’s just impossible for them to have a long-termed and healthy relationship. Their entire life was an absolute mess and they are both very defensive when it concerns their feelings. They have fights all the time, but they really want to stay together. Everything is too complicated and it’s impossible to predict the end of this relationship.


Marge and Homer (the Simpsons) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesMarge&Homer (the Simpsons)
Do perfect relationships exist? Extremes meet, and they are Homer and Marge. Homer is an ugly and bumbling man, and Marge is his smoking hot wife. Their romance wasn’t marvelous but it was whimsical. Homer hopelessly fell in love with Marge at the first sign, but she was impregnable. She spurned his prom invitation but ended this evening in his arms. Then she got pregnant and Homer proposed to her with an onion ring instead of the engagement one but Marge immediately said ‘Yes’. And then they lived happily ever after.


Ross and Rachel (Friends) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesRoss&Rachel (Friends)
For a lasting relationships, marry your best friend. The best thing about Ross and Rachel is that they finally they got each other. I mean, we all knew from the very first episode that they were made for each other, but it was continual touch-and-go for 10 whole seasons. They always had fun together as friends, they also had been together through thick and thin and they finally were back together cause he was her lobster and she was his lobster.


Carrie and Big (Sex and the City) - The Most Iconic TV CouplesCarrie&Big (Sex and the City)
Chic relationship. These two are absolutely fabulous couple. Carrie is so beautiful, charming, funny, stylish, elegant and awfully cute. Big is self-confident, rich, charismatic and simply fabulous. She broke a lot of hearts, but he is the man who broke her heart. Their relationship is so tangled and unstable, but no matter who they are with, or been with, they always find each other over and over again.