Incredible Beard Transformation – From Shy Welshman To Successful Model

Have you ever been given advice by your hairdresser but decided not to take it? Was it cause it sounded too risky and you weren’t ready to take that chance? Well perhaps you should listen to your hairdresser’s advice, cause this shy guy from Wales did and it changed his life forever.

Gwilym Pugh used to be a very shy, ginger, overweight 21 year old Welshman. He started a pretty successful insurance company and his business was doing well, but due to his excess weight he would often get injuries, which meant he couldn’t really exercise, he worked from home and basically spend 10 hours a day sitting down.

At his heaviest he weighed in at 280 pounds. This was a point at which he decided he needed to get his life in order and get healthy again.

Gwilym and his friends decided to form a folk band as a little passion project on the side, and as a reason to get out of the house. When he shared these news with his barber, and he suggested Gwilym should grow a beard to look the part. It seemed a bit silly at first, who’d want a ginger beard? But Gwilym decided to give it a try.

Let’s just say it was quite a transformation. Urged by this change, Gwilym also decided to clean up his diet and eventually start exercising. As he was doing all these things and transforming himself – he also started an Instagram account which was rising in popularity with each picture he posted.

It was the day that the Welsh tailor Nathan Palmer stumbled across it that things began escalating quickly and the number of followers rapidly started to grow. In the end, Gwilym says the best change he did for his health was quitting his desk job. He’s now signed by AMCK Models in London and has worked on multiple famous campaigns including Vans, Diesel, Bud Light and others. And we’re pretty sure it was his ginger beard that earned him the chance to become the ambassador for David Beckham’s male grooming brand ‘House 99’.