Indian Artist Creates The Most Incredible and Intricate Paper Cut Outs

When you hear the word “paper” – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Essays for school or university? Documents? Notebooks? What if we add “art” to the mix? Now you’re probably thinking of painting, drawing and coloring. But here’s a thing, sometimes the only thing you need to create art is just paper.


Parth Kothekar is a paper cut artist from India, and he is a true master when it comes to creating incredible paper cut outs. He wasn’t always a paper cut artist, in face he stumbled upon this artform when he was experimenting with graffiti and creating stencils.


Making intricate paper cut outs is not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort and you never really know what the end result will be, but Parth likes the challenge. He constantly tries new things and challenges himself in order to improve his skills. He will occasionally create themes for his art projects, in order to keep it fun and fresh, but also to keep it interesting.


Follow Parth Kothekar on Instagram to follow his progress and see how he started out and how much more intricate his works become with time. You can also buy his artworks on etsy.



1. Look how cute this little girl cutout is. How intricate and detailed this work of art is.



2. You can almost feel the wind in this one, see the movement of the hair and dress.



3. For a while Parth made these little paper cut out necklaces.

4. It’s cool how they look like they’re just suspended in mid air, but really they’re plastered in between thin clear glass.



5. Here’s an interesting project Parth did.

6. He wanted to portray Indian women and chose to do it in a creative way.



7. He says “Mermaids have always fascinated me for various reasons, and nothing could capture my vision of Indian women better than a mermaid.”



8. The intricacy of the scales on the mermaid tales also appealed to him.

9. Parth Kothekar also did a project where he made paper cut outs of Game Of Thrones characters. Here’s Jon Snow.



10. This is Sansa Stark. You can see that he took a creative liberty and dressed them in a more Indian style.

11. Arya Stark. “Being a Game of Throne fan I was intrigued by the idea of the characters being Indian.”



12. Khaleesi with a little dragon. This is probably our favorite.



13. In his strive for perfection, Parth created challenges for himself and one of the latest ones was creating paper cut outs that show the intricacy of hair.

14. Each artwork is cut with craft knife and took Parth minimum 7 days to complete it.



15. As you can see the results are simply stunning.