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Instagram vs. Reality: Artist Exposes Perfect Instagram Pics And It’s Just Hilarious


We are all too familiar with the picture perfect Instagram photos that always seem too good to be true. It’s like everyone is embarrassed to reveal their real selves that aren’t always wearing makeup and sitting at perfect photo angles. The more artificial photos appear on Instagram, the more artists like Geraldine West are tempted to mock them. This bold Instagrammer decided she’s had enough of this perfection and started an ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ project, comparing real life situations with the ones shown on Instagram. Needless to say, the result is just hilarious!


Well, this might not be the case with all such pictures, but Geraldine West’s interpretation does look funny!



Traveling light is a real art and not many people have actually mastered it. Most of us still look like the girl on the right!



How many of those Instagram healthy eaters actually eat green all the time and enjoy it?



When packing your bag – don’t forget the dog! The pug is way much cuter than the pineapple.


You may or may not agree with us, but the ‘reality’ version of the pic is also adorable!



The pug looks cute either way. There’s no such thing as an ugly pug!



Watching horror movies in ‘real life’ is much more fun!


We don’t think eating in bed is such a good idea, but when it happens, well, the most likely outcome is the one on the right.



When girls go shopping things can get pretty intense. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns!



That moment when you aren’t quite sure how to properly blend that makeup of yours.




In real life cooking is messy and there’s no other way to put it.


We think both panels are quite relatable. Girls like all kinds of rings!



Flowers or snacks? It is a tough choice indeed.



Yes, this always happens when we put on mascara! Scientists even have some kind of explanation for it.


Breakfast in bed?



What happens in a bathroom – stays in the bathroom. At least that’s the way it should be.



Flowers or fast food? This artist certainly knows a way to a girl’s heart.


Just take a step back and appreciate the marvelous drawn abs on the photo on the left. It’s hilarious! And yes, real life workout is sweaty and doesn’t tolerate makeup.



It’s nearly impossible to look cute in winter with the running nose and frost-bitten cheeks. Those snotsicles are hilarious!



You probably did no actual running if you look as good as the picture on the left.