Kim’s Best Looks From Kanye’s Newest Yeezy Collection

When you’re Kanye West you really don’t need to invest into additional promotion for your new Yeezy collection. People keep an eye out for it all the time. You can always just let your wife Kim wear it and you’ll get all the promo you could ever need. Speaking of which, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have recently decided to visit Tokyo and stepped out wearing what looks like Kanye’s newest collection. Let’s take a look at some of her outfits.



1. One of the days Kim stepped out wearing patterned spandex leggings, long sleeve top, a puffy vest and white heels. A classic, figure hugging look for Kim, but quite a risky one for anyone who doesn’t have Kim’s perfect curves.

2. It’s good to know Kim is only human, like the rest of us. It looks like she didn’t stick to her strict diet while in Tokyo and had some cheat meals, some of which included McDonald’. But hey, she was probably the most stylish McDonald’s customer ever in her navy leggings, brown suede heels, a blue bomber jacket and baseball hat.



3. Only Kim would look this stunning and glamorous in what looks like grey bicycle shorts, long sleeve top and a puffy jacket. The whole look was very monochrome and the Yeezy shoes only added to her glam athleisure look.

4. Kim’s daughter Chicago is clearly on her mind. While in Tokyo she’s been seen taking pictures next to a store called Chicago, wearing a tight blue mini dress with what can only be described as a stylish black fanny bag that looked a lot like a belt, and a long grey coat. Yeezy shoes on point, as always.

5. This is one of the boldest looks Kim has donned while in Tokyo. The bright orange long sleeve top looked like it was glowing in the dark, and the black trousers her reflective stripes on the side. We can see why she chose to wear this outfit at night, it really seems to work in the dark.

6. Few people look this stylish when they’re about to spend hours on the plane, but then again, it’s Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. She showed up in the airport wearing a cropped cream top, a neutral oversized shearling jacket, dark grey sweatpants and she paired this outfit with snakeskin boots.

7. This is a rather weird combination. Who would wear patterned bicycle shorts and snake boots at the same time? Kim Kardashian would. And there’s no question that it was Kanye who styled her this way. While it does look bizarre, it does a really good job of highlighting Kim’s unreal physique. I mean we still wonder how much of it is diet and exercise and how much of it is enhancing procedures and surgeries.