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Ladymances – 10 Unique On-Screen Friendships in TV History


The bromance has existed in society both on-screen and off, but when do ladies get a chance to celebrate their empowering female friendships? We gathered a list of TV show characters that are an ode to the ladymance – a unique and beautiful bond between women. These gals strengthen and support each other in an inspiring way that we should all try to employ in our own friendships.

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1. Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith & Cristina
Aw…forget the title of BFF – being someone’s ‘person’ means everything. And Meredith truly is the Yin to Christina Yang (sorry, couldn’t resist). They’re kickass role models for little girls since they’re independent female doctors. They might be competitive with each other, but they don’t tear each other down – they just push each other to be better, which is an inspiring ladymance in itself.

2. Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins
This hilarious duo might have a relatable dynamic for some – Leslie is pretty annoying and Ann Perkins, her BFF is one of the only that can maneuver the strong personality of Ms. Knope, and Leslie really loves her for it. She might be borderline obsessed with Ann, but the love between the two is undeniable. They were each other’s dates for Galentine’s Day, and infamously said, “hoes before bros. Uteruses before dude-eruses. Ovaries before brovaries.”

3. Broad City, Ilana & Abby
Stoner ladyfriends unite! You’ll wish that you and your bestie’s adventures were as crazy as Abbi and Ilana’s, but even if you tried you couldn’t compete. Abbi is a bit of a crazy extrovert, while Ilana is her slightly more socially appropriate, but still equally insane best friend. They’re shame-less, and they’ll always get each other out of the stickiest situations, no matter what it takes. We can relate, can you?



4. Gilmore Girls, Lorelai & Sookie
Ok, ok, we know the real Gilmore Girls are Lorelai and Rory, but the fact that they were mom and daughter nixed them from this list. An awesome friendship between two very different gals on the show was the ladymance between Lorelai and Sookie, the now very famous Melissa McCarthy. Wise Chef Sookie always gave Lorelai the right advice in sticky situations, whether it has to do with Luke situation, or a Rory situation.

5. Friends, Monica, Rachel, & Phoebe
Ok, slightly cheated with these gals, since there are three, but if we exclude one that would be like leaving out one of the three musketeers. The central perk buds always supported each oth-er, even when it came to pretending that Phoebe’s coffeeshop caterwauling actually sounded good. Through the thick and the thin, right? (subtle joke about how Monica used to be thick).




6. Gossip Girl, Blair & Serena
They definitely had their catty moments, but what true sisters didn’t? Save that for the fake friends. They were BFF goals for every teen who watched “Gossip Girl”, as well as style goals. They helped each other through the worst of heartbreaks, and somehow got through the worst of fights to come out loving each other at the end, every time.

7. New Girl, Cece & Jess
Every awkward girl has a gorgeous best friend, and Cece and Jess embody that. Jess handles the quirk while Cece is a little more methodical (minus her ditzy model ways) and elegant. They’re nauseatingly cute and have known each other since they were just wee kids, and these girls get into some amusing, though stupid, scenarios. How can you not, with your bestie?



8. Orange Is the New Black, Poussey & Taystee
Life in jail sounds super rough. The only thing to make it a little easier? Having an amazing BFF that doubles as your soulmate. The two inmates at Litchfield Correctional are tighter than sisters and always have each other’s backs. They always keep each other laughing, but also make sure to keep it real. Complicated like every female friendship, but extremely sincere.

9. Faking It, Amy & Karma
These girls have had a complicated friendship – one was in love with the other, and it led to some disastrous but equally hilarious events. They’ve been through some of the weirdest things BFFs can go through, including pretending being a couple, to accidentally crushing. Luckily, they came through the other side even closer, though the friendship definitely has its nuances…what friend-ship doesn’t?



10. Grace & Frankie, Grace & Frankie
Ah, the classic female friendship of frenemy-turned-BFF. These older ladies give us BFF inspira-tion for future us, decades past the present. The friendship was on thin ice throughout both their marriages, but when their husbands came out as gay and in love with each other, these women moved in together and shed the enemy part of ‘frenemy’, opting for female encouragement and empowerment. We can get behind that, sister.