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Male Celebs Who Love Yoga


1 Male Celebs Who Love Yoga
There’s a stereotype that yoga classes are just for women. I mean, yeah, if you walk into a yoga class, it’ll probably be mostly women, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t welcome. Lets look at 10 famous men who are breaking the stereotype and embracing yoga. It’s a great workout and if you have any doubts about that, just look at these gorgeous men and their bodies.



  • Adam Levine

2 Adam LevineAdam Levine, the singer of Maroon 5, is know not only for his talent, but also for his looks. When I say looks I don’t just mean his gorgeous face. He’s quite a proud owner of a very hot body. We’ve all seen THAT magazine cover. Want to know how he maintains that body? Yup, yoga. Who would’ve thought, right? Adam says he’s also a very fidgety person, and finds it difficult to concentrate and yoga helps him focus.

  • Orlando Bloom

3 Orlando BloomOur favorite noble Pirate of the Caribbean is a big fan of yoga. He might’ve been introduced to yoga by his lovely and gorgeous wife Miranda Kerr, but he hasn’t looked back since. According to Orlando, yoga calms him down and lets him appreciate everything that’s happening around him. He says it also helps him concentrate and maintain a certain rhythm of life.

  • Zachary Quinto

4 Zachary QuintoPart italian, part irish, part Vulcan, the star of Star Trek is also a fan of yoga. Turns out Spock, sorry I mean Zachary, is a big fan of yoga. According to our Vulcan friend, yoga is a perfect sport for actors who travel a lot. It’s easy to take yoga with you, cause you don’t need any special equipment and you can literally do yoga anywhere.

  • Colin Farrell

5 Colin FarrellColin Farrell admits that some friends still make fun of him for doing yoga. However, he’s sure that it’s because they’ve never tried it. He says it’s physically gruelling, but it helps him stay in shape. Farrell also says it’s a great way to clear your mind for an hour, something that’s very difficult for most of us in this day and age, when we get bombarded with information all the time.


  • Russell Brand

Russell Brand wearing an interesting outfit heads to yoga in West Hollywood, California. Pictured: Russell Brand Ref: SPL448634 171012 Picture by: Taafe/Headlinephoto/Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666
Russell Brand does a lot of things. He’s a hilarious actor, witty comedian, prolific author, activist and all in all a very lovely, talkative and talented man. He’s also quite an avid yoga fan. He’s been doing yoga for years now and he can’t stop talking about it in almost every interview. Russell firmly believes that yoga is equally great for both physical and mental health.

  • Robert Downey Jr.

7 Robert Downey Jr.I always thought Robert was a lazy guy that would enjoy sleeping in, but turns out he’s quite the opposite. Early mornings, contrast showers, martial arts, pilates and yoga – these are the things that keep him in shape. And what an awesome shape that is, right ladies? Robert likes to believe that life can be changed completely in a matter of hours, so he likes to keep himself on his toes.

  • Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven is seen after his yoga workout in Santa Monica. Los Angeles, California - 10.01.10 Credit: Actor and frequent tweeter, Jeremy Piven, isn’t shy about his love to yoga. In fact he often urges his fans to take up this sport. Jeremy says yoga helps him be more decisive. It urges him to make radical changes on the inside, even though they might not be visible on the outside.

  • David Beckham

9 David BeckhamDavid Beckham is a legendary soccer player, but we mostly admire him for his amazing hair and gorgeous body. The fact that he’s married to Posh Spice just proves the point that he’s leading the perfect life. Turns out it’s not just football that keeps him in shape. Bikram yoga has been a part of his workout regime for years. No wonder he looks so hot.

  • Matthew McConaughey

10 Matthew McConaugheyHave you noticed how lately there’s been a lot of movies with Matthew McConaughey? They just keep coming out, one after another. Matthew really seems to be at the peak of his popularity, and he’s keeping his body in a prime condition. His favourite ways to stay in shape involve surfing, running, and yes, you guessed it – yoga.

  • Ashton Kutcher

11 Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher was initially introduced to yoga by his ex-wife Demi Moore, but he never looked back. In fact, he continues to be a huge fan of yoga to this day. He’s quite fond of Bikram Yoga. This special type of yoga is practiced in a room that’s heated to a 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can imagine it’s very hot and sweaty, but hey, it keeps Ashton looking hot, so it must be worth it.