Man Draws GF In 10 Cartoon Styles for Christmas Surprise, Melts Her Heart

If you heard that a couple was going to makeover their look, would you think of a new hair color? A trimmer body or trying out a new style? Well, sketch artist Kellen Hickey decided to interpret him and his girl’s makeover in a different way.



He gave them 10 makeovers, to be precise, but in the form of drawing! This is better anyway, because him and bae are the cutest couple as is. His sketches imitated 10 different style interpretations of a photograph of the two together, and he decided to gift it to her for Christmas.



The inspiration came from their TV time during dinner in the evenings, where they often watch some cartoons or anime with their meal. Bae started to develop an interest of their own, as their relationship progressed.



He decided that a series of images of them together would make the perfect gift, and the Minnesota (or “Minnesnowta”, as his IG cheekily puts it) artist drew each interpretation to a T, and stuck with cartoons that his girlfriend also had an interest in.
#1 South Park

Some of these included “Dragon Ball Z” (Kellen’s favorite show), and others that he’s always wanted to try, like Rubberhose and Modern Disney. Amongst the rest, we can look at models done a la “Simpsons”, “Adventure Time”, “Bob’s Burger”, or “Family Guy”.
#2 Family guy



#3 Old Disney style



We totally adore the South park interpretation and think they should frame it in their home. The “Dragonball Z” one is also pretty badass (even though he made his hair and beard very extra).
#4 Dragon Ball Z

On Christmas Eve, the two exchanged gifts and his girlfriend was so moved by his act, she started crying, gave him a big hug and kiss and told him “love you to the moon and back.”
#5 Adventure time



#6 The Simpsons

She ignored all other gifts for a good half an hour, proving that a gift given with true love and thought beats even the most expensive material presents. True love prevails, y’all!
#7 Rick and Morty

These guys are couple goals, and they’re to blame when we go to our boo tonight and whine about them not caring enough to draw us a series of cartoons using a couple portrait.
#8 Bob’s Burgers



#9 Modern Disney style

Kellen is a talented artist, and we hope that his viral series brings more people to his sketches. Which transformation do you like the best?
#10 Steven universe